Rutgers University Produces Report Using Open Sources to Show Antifa is a Terrorist Group

As we know, the Justice Department and their FBI are outright refusing to even look at the Antifa problem. Moreover, they are actively defending them across the board.

Recently, the FBI went all in claiming that it is impossible that Antifa could be starting forest fires, despite the fact that multiple people who look like Antifa have been caught starting fires, and despite the fact that Antifa is openly telling their followers to “spread fire.”

In Oregon this week, a woman found yet another arsonist on her property trying to start a fire. Yet again, he fit the description of Antifa. He was arrested, after the property owner detained him with a gun.

The decision by the FBI to actively defend and protect Antifa while they are apparently starting forest fires across the entire West Coast is the most blatantly absurd instance of federal authorities defending Antifa, but this behavior isn’t new. It’s part of a long pattern of behavior.

At this point, it would be actually absurd for anyone to deny that Antifa is effectively functioning as a kind of “special police” for the federal government and for the corporate and financial elite.

Given their role as defenders of Antifa, the feds refuse to investigate the group, despite the fact that they are committing acts of grotesque violence across the entire country.

This week, Rutgers University presented a report from the Network Contagion Research Institute, wherein open source information was used to come to the conclusion that Antifa is a terrorist group, and that if they are allowed to continue to act with impunity, they will continue to engage in more and more extreme acts of violence.

The 24-page report, which is entitled “NETWORK-ENABLED ANARCHY: How Militant Anarcho-Socialist Networks Use Social Media to Instigate Widespread Violence Against Political Opponents and Law Enforcement” and is available in .pdf format on the NCRI website, primarily focuses on going through the social media postings and websites of Antifa, and compiling data on their publicly stated agenda.

Interestingly, several of the authors appear to be Jewish.

Presumably, they are concerned about the potential for anti-Israel sentiment among Anarchists. They may also be concerned about the fact that Antifa is a very Jewish organization, and worried that having a group of Jews engage in political terrorism could lead to white people getting very angry at Jews, which is something that happened in Europe in the 1930s. (We might also note that Jews tend to feel that it is important to be at the front of any political movement, so it isn’t surprising that while running Antifa, they would also be in charge of reporting on Antifa’s negative behaviors.)

Whatever the Jews’ reasons for compiling the report, it is basically all just well-cited data, which is used to reach obvious conclusions.

They compare the behavior of Antifa with both ISIS and Boogaloo. I don’t really understand what Boogaloo is, but they appear to also be an organization run by the FBI, inspiring violence from a “right-wing anarchist” perspective.

They found what we all already know – that Antifa is using public forums (which peaceful right-wingers like us are banned from) to openly and brazenly organize mass violence.

We find evidence that both militia and anarchist networks play key roles in the recent social justice protests from controlling perimeters at CHAZ [CHOP] to coordinating nation-wide anarchist-inspired violent protests online.

We find evidence that regional feeds for highly interconnected anarcho-socialist militias and violent anarchist networks are proliferating rapidly across Twitter, Reddit and Facebook.

We find evidence of innovative cyber strategies being used on Twitter by anarchist networks and shared by socialist forums on Reddit: for example, links for 3-D printed weapons, instructions for using laser technology to blind targets, and real-time online coordination of offline rioting and anti-police violence such as setting fires, throwing projectiles, and using fireworks/munitions.

We find evidence that violent anarcho-socialist networks played an active online role in preparing for and coordinating real world riots nation-wide and in real time.

The paper’s final conclusions are these:

While this report is suggestive rather than conclusive, these data hint that insurgent behavior, stochastic terror and even attacks on vital infrastructure may be fomenting, and even indicate the possibility of a mass-casualty event. The need for regular, reliable and responsible reporting with methods such as those used in this briefing with similar computational techniques is now imperative.

There is no way to deny it: as we sit and watch, the behavior of Antifa continues to get more and more extreme. This has been unfolding since 2015. It would actually be shocking if they didn’t start blowing up infrastructure and bombing public events.

The Point Here

The government has a right to prevent violent radicals from rising up and overthrowing the government, and they are aggressively refusing to do any such thing.

The conclusion must be that the leadership of federal law enforcement, including the Attorney General, William Barr, supports this violence.

The conclusion should be that the Justice Department and the FBI need to be independently investigated, and the people need to understand why it is that they are actively supporting violent terrorist activities in America.

The most important point is the point that I’ve really tried hard to drive home: Antifa itself is actually a complete joke and not at all important. The single reason that this organization has any relevance at all is that they are above the law, and allowed to commit acts of violence with impunity and in fact with active protection from federal law enforcement.

My conclusion is that zero time or energy whatsoever should be spent on attempting to confront Antifa, and all energy that anyone would be inclined to spend there should be spent confronting the federal government and demanding they explain why they support these terrorists, and demanding that they immediately stop supporting them and start arresting them.