Russophobic Kikery: House Votes 419-3 to Punish Russia for Hoaxes and Fighting ISIS

Andrew Anglin
Daily  Stormer
July 27, 2017

If only Africans still controlled America, we wouldn’t even be arguing about this.

Is there anything more evil than bombing ISIS, an organization that fights for freedom, democracy and human rights against the evil barrel-bomber Assad?

Is there anything more diabolical than “hacking the election” somehow?

No, my friends.

Unlike our allies, such as Mexico and Saudi Arabia, Russia does not have our best interests in mind.

Though they disagree on everything, such as gay marriage, tax rates and… possibly some other issues as well… this is one thing that the Jews that run the Republican Party and the Jews that run the Democrat Party can agree on.

The Hill:

The GOP-controlled House easily passed bipartisan legislation on Tuesday to limit the Trump administration’s ability to lift sanctions on Russia.

Three Republicans — Reps. Justin Amash (Mich.), John Duncan Jr. (Tenn.) and Thomas Massie (Ky.) — voted against the bill, which passed 419-3.

Tuesday’s vote amounted to a rebuke of President Trump, whose administration had pushed to water down the bill’s provisions giving Congress the power to veto the lifting of sanctions.

“This strong oversight is necessary. It is appropriate. After all, it is Congress that the Constitution empowers to regulate commerce with foreign nations,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-Calif.) said.

And to think that Nazis hear this kind of statement and are like, “well then maybe we should just abolish Congress?”

Trump expressed a desire to mend relations with Russia during the 2016 campaign and is reportedly considering restoring Russian access to two diplomatic compounds in New York and Maryland that the Obama administration seized last year as punishment for the country’s meddling in the presidential election.

Which is a fact, by the way, just as The Hill states it.

There is no “alleged” to it.

17 intelligence agencies agreed.

Sorry, I mean 3 intelligence agencies.

Anyway, everyone knows it. Because it’s obvious that if it wasn’t for Russia, Hillary Clinton would have won.

How else could she lose, other than because of the Russians?

The House is scheduled to depart Washington for the August recess at the end of this week, meaning the sanctions package will likely be its biggest legislative accomplishment to date.

The GOP-controlled Congress has not been able to send bills fulfilling major campaign pledges, such as repealing ObamaCare and reforming the tax code, to Trump’s desk thus far.

For now, its biggest victory heading into the summer recess is the measure constraining the president amid the investigations into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government to sway the 2016 election.


The Republican Congress’ biggest accomplishment is accusing their own leader of winning the election as part of a KGB conspiracy.

Putin proved just how evil he was when he had a friendly meeting with the diabolical mastermind Donald Trump – a man who has repeatedly vowed to destroy ISIS.

Because that’s what Democracy with a capital “D” is about, folks.

The Trump administration urged lawmakers to ensure the president would have flexibility to adjust sanctions policy. But he lacks the votes to block the legislation, given that the House passed the bill with a veto-proof majority.

“While the President supports tough sanctions on North Korea, Iran and Russia, the White House is reviewing the House legislation and awaits a final legislative package for the President’s desk,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement on Tuesday after the House vote.

The bill establishes new sanctions on Iran and North Korea, in addition to Russia.

Under the House-passed bill, existing sanctions on Russia for its aggression in Ukraine and interference in the 2016 election would be codified into law.

The sanctions legislation has been stalled in the House since the Senate passed the legislation by a 98-2 vote last month.

As the procedural problems stalled the bill, oil and gas companies raised concerns about provisions limiting the extent to which American and Russian energy companies could interact. Those companies warned that provisions banning American investments supporting the maintenance or construction of Russian pipelines could inadvertently prevent U.S. development near Russian sites.

A small price to pay for the salvation of Crimea, which has an ancient history as a part of the Ukraine’s sovereignty which goes all the way back to 1992.

Also, to save ISIS.

ISIS has always been one of our greatest allies in the global fight for freedoms.

And because of Russia doing Wikileak – no sorry, I mean, and because of that twenty minute meeting that Donald Trump Jr. had with some random Russian lawyer. The meeting which swayed the election for Trump.

Russian agent Donald Trump Jr. has said that he “loves” the idea of Russian troops occupying American streets.

Who is the enemy of the Republican party and America, because he works for the KGB, as evidenced by said 20 minute meeting.

The Senate is scheduled to be in session through the first two weeks of August, but it’s unclear when it might take up the sanctions bill to send to Trump’s desk.

David Popp, a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), said the chamber is currently considering healthcare reform and noted that pausing that process would require a unanimous consent agreement.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) urged his GOP counterparts to schedule a vote on the sanctions package expeditiously.

“Senate Republican leaders should move this bill as soon as possible, so that it can be on the President’s desk without delay. Passing the bill on a bipartisan basis will send a strong signal to the White House that the Kremlin needs to be held accountable for meddling in last year’s election,” Schumer said in a statement.


Schumer is a true American.

One of the best.

He might be an Israeli, intent on serving the interests of a foreign government, but he still bleeds red. And that is what America is truly about: being human. It’s about foreign peoples running our government in order to ensure that we are protected from other foreign peoples who are trying to trade with us.