Russia’s Military Drills in International Waters Strike Fear Into the Heart of ZOG

People don’t tend to take Russia seriously.

Granted, there are some things about Russia that are not totally serious. Still, at this point, everything about Russia is more serious than anything about the Western world.

But Russia’s military has always been serious.


The Russian Navy has launched large-scale military drills in the central Pacific Ocean involving around 20 surface warships, submarines, and support vessels, a statement from the country’s Defense Ministry revealed on Thursday.

The training is taking place in international waters and will also be supported by around 20 planes, including long-range anti-submarine aircraft and high-altitude interceptors.

The exercises, led by Pacific Fleet commander Sergey Avakyants, are taking place around 4,000km away from the ships’ home bases in the Far East of Russia, and will include the involvement of the fleet’s flagship, the Varyag cruiser.

According to a Defense Ministry press release, the navy is using international waters to practice managing a huge heterogeneous grouping of ships “at a considerable distance” from base, and to organize naval operations involving the search for and tracking of warships of a mock enemy.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu revealed on Wednesday that the country’s armed forces would be conducting preparatory training before the joint Russian-Belarusian Zapad-2021 exercise, due to take place in September.

The same war games take place every four years. He also noted that all the plans would be carried out in accordance with international agreements.

“Nevertheless, for some reason, [our exercises] have greatly frightened our Western neighbors,” Shoigu said.

ZOG is frightened of the idea of any enemy that is capable of fighting back.

The NATO alliance has spent the last several decades bombing defenseless countries. They attacked Serbia when the country was at its weakest point, then they started doing all of these lunatic wars against the Moslems, who were totally defenseless.

Now, they’re trying to make war on a real country – and that is going to be a challenge.