Russians Comment on Biden’s Theoretical Appointment of Anthony Blinken, Jewish Neocon

Russian Patriarch Vladimir Putin continues to refuse to congratulate Joe Biden on his stolen election. Russia has much reason to do everything they can to stop the ascent of this usurper to the throne, and they were given much more reason after Biden announced that he plans to appoint the extremist Jew neocon Anthony Blinken as his Secretary of State.

Russian state outlet RT gives the Russian view on this maniac:

Joe Biden has named Anthony Blinken – an advocate for isolating Russia, cozying up to China and intervening in Syria – as secretary of state, cementing a foreign policy built on military forays and multi-national motivations.

Biden, the nominal president-elect, announced his selection of Blinken along with other members of his foreign-policy and national-security team, which is filled with such veteran Washington insiders as John Kerry, the new climate czar and formerly secretary of state in the Obama-Biden administration.

Blinken, a long-time adviser to Biden and deputy secretary of state under President Barack Obama, has been hailed by fellow Democrats and globalists, such as retired General Barry McCaffrey, as an experienced bureaucrat with “global contacts and respect.” Enrico Letta, dean of the Paris School of International Affairs, called Biden’s choice the “right step to relaunch transatlantic ties.”

He was even praised for a 2016 appearance on the Sesame Street children’s television program, where he explained to the show’s ‘Grover’ character the benefits of accepting refugees.

While some critics focused on how Blinken “got rich working for corporate clients” during President Donald Trump’s term in office, the new foreign-affairs chief’s neoconservative policy recommendations might be cause for greater concern. He advocated for the Iraq War and the bombings of such countries as Libya and Yemen.

Blinken is still arguing for a resurgence in Washington’s military intervention in Syria. He lamented in a May interview that the Obama-Biden administration hadn’t done enough to prevent a “horrific situation” in Syria, and he faulted Trump for squandering what remaining leverage the US had on the Bashar Assad regime by pulling troops out of the country.

“Our leverage is vastly even less than it was, but I think we do have points of leverage to try to effectuate some more positive developments,” Blinken said. For instance, US special forces in northeast Syria are located near Syrian oil fields. “The Syrian government would love to have dominion over those resources. We should not give that up for free.”

Blinken also sees Biden strengthening NATO, isolating Russia politically and “confronting Mr. [President Vladimir] Putin for his aggressions.”

You would hope that this information would bother people, but it really doesn’t.

Even many right-wingers still have this fake idea that the left is against war. They are not against war. In fact, they are adamantly pro-war, if they believe those wars will forward their agenda.

We probably think of the situation with the left attacking George W. Bush for starting all of these wars, but we should remember that Barack Obama fought a lot more wars than Bush did, and won reelection on a pro-war platform, following the lunacy of the 2011 attacks on Libya and the Arab Spring.

All the way back in 1968, Republican Richard Nixon won the election on a promise to end the war that Democrat Lyndon Johnson was fighting against rando Asians in the South Pacific.

Trump was totally anti-war and the first President since Jimmy Carter to not start a war during his first term. One of the major complaints by the media was that Trump wouldn’t start wars. In fact, that was their primary complaint. I will never forget that after Trump agreed to bomb Syria, the media rejoiced and said that he was becoming “a normal Republican president.” As we know, he backed off of that sort of thing, to become the most hated figure since Adolf Hitler in the minds of the Jews who run the media.

The point is: there are zero checks or balances on the Biden Administration going full-George W. Bush. They are going to launch all sorts of new wars around the globe. They will have a lot of Republican support in this agenda, from people like Dan Crenshaw and Nimrata Randhawa, along with some Jewish right-wing media support by Ben Shapiro and so on. They won’t really need that support, because most Democrat voters and virtually all Democrat politicians support war.

If Biden assumes office in January, you’re going to see this all popping off immediately. He is going to put the country in a state of total lockdown and then just start bombing everyone.

The only thing that most Biden supporters care about is hurting white men and forcing little boys to get into gay anal sex. You have a few people like Jimmy Dore and Michael Tracey who are against war, but they are such a tiny minority on the left as to be totally irrelevant, and they have no voice on the mainstream media unless Tucker Carlson brings them on. CNN is a war machine.

Ultimately, the deciding factor in whether you go to war is not whether you are left or right, but how tied to Jews you are. The Biden Administration, if it is allowed to exist, is going to be the single most Jewish thing you’ve ever seen in your life.