Russian State News Says US Oppressing “Muslim-Americans”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2015

Whoa that hijabi sand monkey looks like one hip slut.
Whoa that hijabi sand monkey looks like one hip slut.

Yesterday, I reported on the Russian government coming out and condemning American neo-Nazis, in a report published by Sputnik, a hip new Russian state media outlet.

Today, the same news outlet is whining about America oppressing Moslems in an article entitled “FBI Uses National Security as Excuse to Suppress Muslim-Americans.”

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has upped its internet surveillance of Muslim-Americans under the pretext of preventing potential homegrown terrorism, Arab-American Political Action Committee (AAPAC) founder Osama Siblani told Sputnik.

The FBI is making an effort to “evilize” Islam, Siblani explained, by implying that Muslim-Americans are killers.

“Of course they do [place restrictions on Muslim-Americans] all the time, like putting new laws and regulations,” Siblani said on Thursday. “Right now they are putting too much emphasis on the internet.”

In light of allegations about terrorist attacks being carried out in the United States, the US government is stripping Muslims of their rights as US citizens, Siblani claimed.

“Allegations,” Ivan?

A haji and a Negro just attacked a cartoon festival in Texas, ISIS has claimed they did it and there is more to come.

These are not “allegations” regardless of what the random terrorist you interviewed claims.

“They are taking our rights under the Patriot Act. It’s getting more difficult. I mean they harass people. If you are an Arab or Muslim you’re coming in, they harass the Hell out of you.”

Moreover, the US authorities are using what is happening in the Middle East, he argued, to enforce stricter laws on Muslims living in the United States, all in the name of homeland security.

Think about this one, Ivan: They blow things up, they shoot people over cartoons, they cut people’s heads off on the street. They do it in your base too. Remember you had to completely wreck them after they invaded Dagestan, just 15 years ago?
Remember this guy, Ivan?

They get “harassed” because they are what you call a “problem population.”

“You want to be secure or you want your rights? I want them both, but the government is not giving me a choice”

Here’s a choice for you haji: gtfo of my country.  You can cry about the oppression on the plane back to Goatrapeistan.

The article goes on to claim that the Moslems are actually the victims of terrorism.

How Do I Propaganda Against America?

You're definitely doing it wrong.
You’re definitely doing it wrong.

I understand that Russia creates these English-language outlets, such as RT and Sputnik, for the purpose of anti-American propaganda.  And I understand that is fair enough.  America is doing it to them and on a much larger scale.

Russia is obviously willing to promote things they don’t actually even believe in to the American public – RT regularly defends homosexualism, multiculturalism and other progressive SJW agendas the Russian government has been vocally against. Again, it’s fair enough, as this is a form of warfare.

However, this methodology they are using doesn’t make sense to me.

Who is this meant to appeal to?
Who is this meant to appeal to?
Really.  Which SJWs are going to take advice from the gay-bashing Russian government?
Really. Which SJWs are going to take advice from the gay-bashing Russian government?

I take that back.  It does make sense to me, I just think it is the opposite way they should be going about it.  But who knows, maybe I’m missing something.  You’d think a team of Russian government intelligence agent propagandists would be able to come up with a better angle than I could.

But here’s the thing.  Both RT and now this new Sputnik (it was just launched in November of last year as the new hip thing) are taking the SJW position on issues.  They are using these positions to say “oh look how bad the US government is,” but they are appealing to people who will never side with Russia on any issue, because Russia is a fascist patriarchy oppressing the poor faggots and Jewkrainians.

I get that the point is not to get people to necessarily think well of the Russian government, but simply to get them to think poorly of the US government.  However, there are already loads of American Jewish propaganda outlets doing exactly this.  Propaganda outlets that will never accept RT or Sputnik into their little circle of linking and quoting one another, because they are aware these outlets are being used to promote the agenda of patriarchal Russia.

In my view, a direct appeal to American conservatives who, for the most part, share the value system of modern Russia would be much more effective, as it would not only turn people against the government, but also create sympathy for Russia in a percentage of the American population.

A hip online pro-Russian version of Fox News would be much more effective than these Buzzfeed clones they are presently pushing.  That would have a wider audience, as the market is less saturated (Breitbart and Daily Caller are the only two big ones), and it would actually give them an opportunity to promote Russian values to people who have a similar value system, and thus negate a portion of the anti-Russian sentiment in America which, though existing on both ends of the political spectrum in America, is much more prominent in liberal spheres.

I will say that the fact that I and other nationalists take issue with this is not an issue for Russia to be concerned about.  Very few people are not thinking along these lines, recognizing the obvious dishonesty and hypocrisy involved in English-language Russian propaganda.  Those who do see it are presumably smart enough to understand it is simply a strategy of war.  However, Russia is really missing out, in my view, by coming at their propaganda from this angle.

Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister of the Third Reich, said that the best propaganda is the truth.  If Russia took the angle of telling the American people the truth, rather than pushing “racism” and “unarmed teen” gibberish, their propaganda would absolutely be much more effective than it presently is.