Russian Politician Says Solution to American Race Problem is Dividing the Country

Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky had the best and most anti-racist take on the black lives meltdown, posting his thoughts on Twitter earlier this week.

The elder statesman called for a repartitioning of the country along racial lines, in order to end racial conflict once and for all.

Although the American Jewish media loves to report on the evil of the Russians, they largely held their tongue on this one. They don’t really want the “goyim” asking why it is that White Christian political figures in Russia are allowed to say thing that they would get fired and disowned by their families for saying. “Evil Russia” doesn’t make sense as a narrative when the evil White Christians are saying the things you wished your own politicians would say.

The Daily Beast did do a piece mentioning it, claiming that any thought of the wellbeing of the white race is “appalling”:

While the world is being rocked by mass protests against racism and police brutality, in Russia the situation is viewed through a starkly different lens. Far from being concerned with the rights of minorities, Russian experts, pundits and government officials worry in appalling language about the fate of white people—and obsess over Donald J. Trump’s declining chances of re-election.

Nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia in the State Duma, or parliament, argued that the United States should resort to racial segregation, splitting up into “Black” and “White” states. Zhirinovsky is known for being outrageous. But, far from being ridiculed, his obscenely racist suggestion garnered coverage in the Kremlin-controlled state media, as well as support from a fellow parliamentarian.

Appearing on Russia’s 60 Minutes, Anton Morozov, a member of the Russian State Duma Committee on International Affairs, wholeheartedly boosted Zhirinovsky’s proposition. In an obvious nod to Trump, Morozov remarked that “Negroes are getting in the way of making America great” and suggested sequestering Black people on reservations. In all seriousness, Morozov argued that Trump or the federal authorities could adopt such measures. “A white person is afraid to step outside,” the politician asserted, arguing for the necessity of such a grotesque “solution.”

Pro-government experts on Russian state television use their word for “negro” with gratuitous abandon, while openly acknowledging that it is an insulting term. The theme of racially motivated unrest in the United States fills pro-Kremlin propagandists with joy and leaves them craving more. “The worse for them, the better for us,” said senior lawmaker Leonid Kalashnikov, and the host of Russia’s 60 Minutes Olga Skabeeva grinned in response: “We’re enjoying it.”

Another guest of 60 Minutes, global affairs columnist Maxim Yusin, explained why he is rooting for Trump’s re-election: “The more chaos there is in America, the better. Trump is chaos.”

The Kremlin controlled media’s evolution from measured observation to white supremacist schadenfreude was very quick in coming.

At the beginning of the month, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was widely quoted by Russian and Chinese state media calling the unrest in America “a real American tragedy.” Appearing on the Russian state TV show The Evening with Vladimir Soloviev on June 2 via video stream, Zakharova sternly emphasized that “no one is gloating about this.”

But gloating was all too apparent when Zakharova appeared on the Soloviev show again on June 7. Sitting in front of a messy bookcase, Zakharova let loose and talked excitedly about the implications of the situation unfolding in the United States and Europe. Overflowing, now, with apparent glee at the American tragedy, she laughed: “They’re reaping what they sowed!”

On another installment of the show that same week, Karen Shakhnazarov, CEO of a film studio and a prominent fixture on Russian state television, admitted: “For us, this is a very useful period. Let’s be straightforward about it, the weakening of the United States is very beneficial for us.”

Dmitry Suslov, deputy director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies, opined that America is losing its moral leadership in the world. Suslov added: “It’s no longer a shining city on a hill,” and the host, Vladimir Soloviev, quipped: “Just a burning city on a hill.”

The deputy dean of world politics at Moscow’s State University, Andrey Sidorov, described the United States as Russia’s existential enemy and predicted that the disintegration of the U.S. could happen at any given moment. He advised Russia to show no mercy toward its beleaguered adversary.

Similar sentiments were echoed across various Russian state media outlets.

“The breakup of the United States of America is already under way,” said Oleg Nilov, member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Appearing on the state TV show 60 Minutes, State Duma deputy Aleksey Zhuravlyov mournfully lamented: “Unfortunately, there won’t be a civil war in the United States.”

“Negroes are raging all over the place in their country. Should we get involved?” pondered the host of a Russian state TV show 60 Minutes, Olga Skabeeva. In fact, The New York Times reported that according to seven government officials briefed on recent intelligence, Russian intelligence operatives are very much involved, attempting to incite violence by white supremacist groups.

Kremlin-controlled state media messaging is consistent with the perception that Russian intelligence officials are striving to appeal to President Trump’s core voters, aiming to influence the upcoming presidential election.

“Everything points to Trump’s re-election, because he is consolidating white America. The ongoing unrest is conducive to that… One more generation and the whites will be in a minority in their own country,” said Alexander Kramarenko, “ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary” of the Russian Federation and a member of the Russian International Affairs Council, appearing on 60 Minutes.

During his nightly program, state TV host Soloviev, known for his close ties to the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin, grimly predicted that the American carnage is yet to come. He ominously noted that the whites own the majority of firearms in the United States.

Also appearing on 60 Minutes, the former deputy foreign minister Andrei Fedorov, who now heads a political consultancy, declared that “Black terror” was coming to America. “Give them a piece of the pie and they’ll want the whole pie,” Fedorov declared. A panelist from the Russian International Affairs Council, Alexey Naumov, was concerned that the protests might lead to “reverse segregation” against white people.

“They want to oppress the poor cops, forcing them to kneel!” complained 60 Minutes host Olga Skabeeva without a hint of irony. She added: “It’s a humiliation of the white person!” With the shrill intensity of a buzzsaw, Skabeeva exclaimed: “The whites lost to the Blacks! The whites have been crushed.”

“The shrill intensity of a buzzsaw.”

Such nastiness.

Olga is a doll.

I don’t understand Russian, so I don’t know if the Russians have become white nationalists overnight or if this is just more sensationalism.

The Zhirinovsky post is of course real, and I assume the translations of quotes are real.

Of course, it is simply obvious that any white person who isn’t a kneeling cuckold is looking at this situation with the blacks and feeling a buzzing of the race consciousness at the base of his spine. It is impossible to avoid, when you see a mob of evolutionary relics attacking people who look like you.

We’re going to see it more and more in the United States now, which is why we all need to be on the ball. This narrative of “we don’t have any choice but to split the country up” is going to become more and more accepted in polite company. The right is going to begin to become as radicalized as the left.

This is of course objectively good, but we always have to remember that this has all been planned, and our response was factored into their social simulations. Our job is going to be responding in ways that are not expected.