Russian Politician Lays Out Three Potential Scenarios for NATO Attack

There is so little information and analysis about anything that is going on, it’s hard for me to know really how to approach some subjects.

Everything is just either lies or confused nonsense. Everyone with any good information is silent, or no one has any good information.

What is this powerful and well-known Russian politician saying?


With little prospect of scoring a decisive military victory over Russia, Washington is increasingly locked into a strategy of surrounding the world’s largest country with its forces, one of Moscow’s top politicians has claimed.

Aleksey Pushkov, a senator and former head of the parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, argued in comments on Telegram on Friday that the White House was struggling to demonstrate the tough stance it had promised against the Kremlin, because it had run out of viable options.

“The hesitation about Russia in Washington is evident,” he said, “not because there is a tactical pause, or as a negotiating tactic – [President Joe] Biden is in no mood to negotiate with Russia at all – but for another reason.”

While the new US leader has slammed his predecessor for supposedly making concessions to Moscow, Biden has since found that “the potential for hostility towards Moscow has been almost entirely mobilized by [former president Donald] Trump, both bilaterally and through NATO,” Pushkov wrote.

The senator believes that there are only three possible options for the White House if it seeks to make good on those election promises and strike an even tougher note against Russia.

“Sanctions from hell,” such as the still unapproved package proposed in 2018 by a group of senators including John McCain and Lindsey Graham, “would hit US and European investors, and bring US relations with Russia to a dangerous line, as with Iran,” he argued. “Only Russia is not Iran.”

The second option, Pushkov argues, would be to “push Ukraine into a new war in the Donbass, with US support.” However, the politician says, Kiev’s starting position in the region is unfavorable and it is hard to see how it could change its fortunes. So, he added, “it is not in the US plans to interfere in hostilities on the side of Ukraine.”

Finally, the only remaining option Biden has to punish Russia would be “building up the armed forces on the borders with Russia and in the Black Sea,” Pushkov claims. But, far from being a departure from his predecessor’s policies, “this is simply a continuation of the US’ previous approach under Trump.”

“For these reasons,” he said, “Biden’s toughness on Russia has so far been largely rhetorical. There will be anti-Russian actions, but their aim will be a prolonged siege of ‘Putin’s Russia’ rather than a set of abrupt and risky steps that could bring the situation to the brink of military conflict.”

That is not useful or meaningful analysis.

Is this the sort of thing Russia is actually working with? This is just obvious stuff everyone knows, but it is leaving out the most obvious things, which are:

  1. Escalation in Syria
  2. Continued domestic pressure through the Alexi Navalny social media operation

If the question is “how will NATO invade Syria?” then you’re asking a stupid question to begin with. Obviously, that isn’t really very likely to happen.

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Maybe the Russians are just keeping their cards close, but if this is the kind of conversation they’re having internally, that is not encouraging.

The claim that they won’t start trouble in the Ukraine seems totally baseless. They’re not going to send NATO forces to the Donbass, but the Ukraine has an occupation government now, and it would be nothing to start a fire there with Ukrainian militias run by unmarked CIA/Mossad operatives.

What I see most likely is this:

  • Escalate the Middle East
  • Get everyone involved (Russia, China)
  • Continue to start fires everywhere (Belarus, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Myanmar, whatever)
  • Continue to start internal fires with the social media and cults inside Russia and China

That’s the comprehensive view, from where I’m sitting.

I don’t think if the US was actually preparing for a real World War III, they would be doing what they’re doing to the military, or letting the internal cohesion of the US collapse so horribly.

But it’s unclear whether there is cohesive sense happening in any institution in the West. The only thing that seems intelligently done, with intensive purpose, is the coronavirus hoax. That is being run primarily by Bill Gates and the United Nations, not the US government.