Russian Military Seizes Airports in Crimea

Daily Stormer
February 28, 2014

Crimean airport.
Crimean airport.

It appears that the invasion has begun.

From Ukrainian Policy:

UNIAN is reporting that approximately 6 military trucks full of armed soldiers are currently surrounding the Sevastapol International Airport, which doubles as an Ukrainian Air Force facility. The source notes that “unknown armed people in uniform” also surrounded a guest residence normally reserved for senior officials. NBNews claims the soldiers to be Russian Black Sea Fleet personnel. Those on the scene were not able to identify the purpose of the soldiers, as they will not answer questions to the press. Gazeta quotes Ukrainian political scientist Pavel Nuss, citing his own sources, who identified the troops as Russian military, and speculates that the purpose may be to secure airlift of troops in.

Local news is reporting that in fact both Sevastopol and Simferopol airports are surrounded, the latter by militants at 1am local time. Interfax and Ukrainska Pravda confirmed these reports, and that approximately 150 armed unmarked soldiers are in the area, dropped off via 3 unmarked Kamaz transport trucks. The airport is still operational. They report that 25 supporters have a Russian naval flag. The soldiers speak with heavy Russian accents.

This news comes directly after armed insurgents occupied the Crimean parliament buildings in Simferopol under the Russian flag.

Though the American media is reporting that it is “very unlikely” that Russia will invade the Ukraine, it is clear that he is going to annex Crimea.