Russian Military Making Sci-Fi Real While US Busy Promoting POCs, Wahminz

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2019

The other day, I was reading about this crazy journalist who snuck into some abandoned Soviet-era hangar bay to snap pics of old space shuttles that never got used because of the collapse of the USSR.

It triggered a wave of Soviet nostalgia in me.

Made me sad to think that Russia gave it all up to make Western weirdos like them and so that dumb teenagers could have access to denim jeans and Boomer rock and roll.

But now, under Tsar Putin, hardly a week goes by without the Russians bragging about some new high-tech toy that they’ve made.


Video has emerged of Russia’s new heavy drone Okhotnik (‘Hunter’) flying alongside a fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jet. The first test flight of the kind, it showcased the formidable team formed by the two futuristic aircraft.

Spectacular moments from the 30-minute test mission were captured in a video released by the Defense Ministry. It showed the aircraft taking off and traversing the skies just meters away from each other.

Bruh, these niggas are even sending robots into space. Like, no joke.

Fedor the Robot is up there packing heat and battling space crabs or whatever it is that’s hiding on the dark side of the moon.

Nigga don’t play.

At this point, I am convinced that liberal democracy is simply not compatible with scientific progress. If you want rockets, you go full Fascism. If you want doggos in space, you go full Sovietism. If you want degeneracy and stagnation, you do whatever it is that the Jews are making America do now.

Now I’m not trying to just shill the Russia Stronk meme here –  I actually think we need to start asking some hard questions about the military and the government and where all this money is going. I can’t be the first to point out that either there’s some Slav wizardry afoot or something is not right in America.

Think about it: these Russians are doing all this neat stuff on a shoe-string budget. I mean, we all know how corrupt Russia is as opposed to the totally graft-free United States, right?

So clearly, it must be Slav magic that is behind all this, right?

Surely, all that American taxpayer money listed as going to the military isn’t being funneled into useless social engineering programs, or just straight-up being stolen by contractors, right?


And where are the Boomers in all of this? 

How do they not see all this neat-o gadget stuff coming out of Russia and not start asking why the US is not doing the same? Aren’t we supposed to be going to war with Russia soon?

Someone needs to explain to me where all the money is going.

Because last I checked, the roads suck, the schools suck and the new iPhone sucks. 

So what is happening here, folks???