Russian Media Watchdog Lashes Out Against Anal Propaganda for Kids

A recent study from Foundations of Freedom found that 30% of millennials are gay faggots or dykes.

This is a clear result of nonstop promotion by the media.


Urgent action needs to be taken to prevent young people from being exposed to LGBT+ content online, a leading Russian internet group has claimed, saying targeted sites should be blocked without having to wait for a court order.

Speaking to Moscow’s TASS on Monday, Yekaterina Mizulina, the director of the Safe Internet League and a member of the country’s Civic Chamber, warned that the online space is becoming increasingly politicized. “LGBT propaganda aimed at children on social networks has hit colossal proportions,” she argued.

According to her, “the next step in combatting gay propaganda among children, in the view of the Safe Internet League, is to introduce the pre-trial blocking of materials that promote non-traditional family values among minors.”

In a statement, the online safety group told parents that platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, as well as Russian networking site VKontakte, “are filled with gay propaganda aimed at minors: cartoons, comics, anime, videos shot by famous bloggers.”

Moscow adopted a law in 2013 that banned the “promotion of non-traditional relationships” among young people, in a move lawmakers said would protect them. However, detractors, including a large number of Western lobby groups, have insisted it constitutes an attack on LGBT+ rights, with the Council of Europe demanding the measures be revoked. The European Court of Human Rights has also ruled that Moscow must recognize gay marriages after an appeal from same-sex couples, with the Kremlin insisting that would be against the terms of the country’s constitution.

The people promoting this literally justify it by saying that they are reducing the global population.

Of course, Jews want to promote it just because they hate families and Jesus, but that is always backed up with an appeal to global warming and endangered species: “we have to reduce the birthrate.”

Of course, that is nonsensical when you realize that white people – which are the ones going gay – are not the same people who are breeding out of control. Moreover, feminism already “solved the problem” of the white birthrate, so there is no reason to try to convince everyone to jam their penises up each other’s anuses.

It’s all just completely nonsensical when you realize that along with telling people not to breed, they are also coming out and saying the birthrate is a problem – which is why we have to be flooded with brown people.

Meanwhile, Asian countries – which are run by people who do not hate their own population – are actually encouraging fertility, as they view the declining birthrate as a looming crisis.

You just cannot get anywhere trying to pretend these people who run our countries are acting in good faith.

The entire global warming hoax should be considered as an aspect of the Jewish problem, not unique from it. The entire concept of a society built completely on stupid and obvious lies is a Jewish invention. In a society where Jews did not have this level of power, people would look at the claims about global warming and say “yo, this is just a bunch of bullshit – this is a fake science invented by the UN and all they do is come up with fake graphs!”

These are the key findings of the Freedom study:

  • 29% of young Millennials (aged 18-24) were counted as having some type of mental disorder
  • 54% of all Millennials acknowledged some “degree of emotional fragility or even mental illness”
  • An unbelievable 96% of Millennials – or 24 out of 25 – “lack a biblical worldview,” despite the majority having a “favorable opinion of Jesus”
  • Less than 1/3 claimed to “believe in God”
  • 75% say they “lack meaning and purpose in life”

It’s sad, but that sounds about right.

Note that in Russia, promoting this anal stuff also has the goal of undermining a regime that the ZOG views as an enemy. The more gays Russia has, the more bodies the State Department is able to get in the street for their anti-Putinist protests.

Seeding a generation obsessed with rimjobs is a geopolitical strategy.