Russian Mecha-Tier Air Defenses Successfully Shot Down 5 Israeli Missiles

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 10, 2018

The video basically fills in some blanks about what happened when the kikes attacked Syria Monday.

Turns out that they didn’t have much success – Syria’s air defenses are finally operational on some level.

Destroying 5 out of 8 ain’t bad.

Frankly, I had no idea that Russia’s old air defense systems were capable of this. And these aren’t even the top of the line S-400s or S-500s that they’ve got in reserve and haven’t sold to anybody.

These were mecha-tier automatic Pantsirs cannons.

This is better performance than Israel’s “Iron Dome” which actually doesn’t work and is just the IDF popping off smoke flares everytime a Katyusha is launched from Gaza.

This forever BTFOs the narrative that the kikes are smart

And the Jews used Lebanese airspace to launch the attack. If Syria hadn’t alienated everyone in Lebanon with their ham-handed occupation a decade ago, perhaps the Lebanese would not be allowing the Jews into their airspace…but idk that’s speculation on my part. The Lebanese haven’t got any defense contracts with the Russians that I know of, so they probably don’t have much that can combat the Israeli jets.

And notice – it seems that the Russians and the Israelis have worked out some kind of separate peace. The Israelis went out of their way to not attack anything under Russia’s direct rocket umbrella.

So yeah, its a confusing network of loyalties, temporary alliances and missile systems.

We should probably not stick our noses into it. But it’s hard to tell what’s on Trump’s mind these days. Or whether the Pentagon or the CIA or “the Generals” are just running things now.

Who knows fam. The next fourty-eight hours will be tense.