Russian Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Outlaw All Public Homosexualism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2015


The previous anti-homo law in Russia that the West flipped out about (as they ignore executions and floggings of homos in second greatest ally Saudi Arabia) simply outlawed “homosexual propaganda.”

Now, lawmakers are moving to completely outlaw all forms of public display of homosexualism.


Two Communist Party MPs have drafted a bill that bans any public demonstration of “non-traditional” sexual orientation and orders monetary fines or up to 15 days of administrative detention for violation of this rule.

State Duma lawmakers Ivan Nikitchuk and Nikolay Arefyev want to amend the Russian Administrative Code with a new article listing “public expression of non-traditional sexual relations” as a violation.

An explanatory note attached to the draft reads that if this expression takes the form of “demonstration of one’s distorted sexual preferences in public places,” it must be punished with fines between 4,000 and 5,000 rubles ($64-$80 at current rate). And those who do this in educational and cultural establishments or offices of state and municipal authorities can face up to 15 days of arrest.

I think that the problem is acute and urgent because it concerns the social diseases of our society and the moral upbringing of the younger generation. Unfortunately, the mechanism suggested in the 2013 law ‘On the protection of children against the information that harms their health and development’ has proved to be ineffective and this prompted us to develop new measures,” Nikitchuk said in comments with Izvestia daily.

The lawmaker also told reporters that he considered homosexuality to be a “grave danger for any normal person and for humanity as a whole” because it can affect children and grandchildren and prevent them from reproduction. “In a biological sense, failure to reproduce is the same as death and this makes homosexuality a deadly danger for humanity,” Nikitchuk said.

The two MPs stated that their bill is based on historical experience, both of the Soviet Union – when male homosexuality was a criminal offence punishable by prison sentences of between five and eight years – and “ancient times” when the anti-gay laws were much more severe.

In Athens during the classical period homosexuals had to report their vice to the people’s assembly and got stripped of their civil rights. Those who tried to conceal it were either exiled or executed. The laws of Ancient Sparta were even stricter – there were no reports, anyone who got caught was executed,” read the explanations attached to the bill.

And of course, eventually they will move toward even more strict punishments, as the public continues to become more opposed to homoseuxalism.

This clearly demonstrates a rule we here at the Daily Stormer have continually promoted: that any move to the right is a positive move. Russia’s initial anti-homo laws were somewhat toothless, but this has led to a call for stricter legislation.

Polls show that the Russian people are becoming increasingly hostile towards homosexuals. The country was in a bad state after the fall of communism, and it takes time to change attitudes.

The same thing will happen in the West, which is why I support parties and policies which might seem to be less than we need. These “soft right” parties will inevitably create a political climate where more extreme right views are increasingly socially acceptable.

This process of pushing things progressively in a certain direction is called “shifting the Overton Window.”