Russian Hero Politician Aims to Curb Queer Menace with “Special Camps”

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2017

Russia is a country with a wide and varied reputation. It is a country known for many things. ranging from its gorgeous women and breathtaking cathedrals to its brutally harsh winters and a population with an affinity for cigarettes and Adidas tracksuits. This story features two of my favorite aspects of Russian society: total disregard for PC culture and zero tolerance for sodomites and their promoters/enablers.

This pisses off the neo-liberal malcontents of Amerikwa to no end. They’re a lot like the religious zealots they claim to hate so much, although instead of a faith based on centuries of tradition and a desire for spiritual purity, they wage their holy war in the name of political correctness (which E. Michael Jones calls a “Jewish speech code”).

They also aim to destroy any society that has the audacity to try to shield its young people from the promotion and celebration of every type of sexual degeneracy under the sun. While in America, self-proclaimed conservatives like Paul Ryan pose for pictures with the mentally ill cross-dressing freak Bruce Jenner and pretend everything is A-OK, Russian politicians take a much different approach.

“Don’t worry America. I’m here to preserve fine conservative traditions like hormone therapy & putting on women’s clothing while your daughters consort with Negroes.”

Enter one Vitaly Milonov, a Russian MP with a penchant for slapping down any trace of faggotry that enters his orbit. Daily Stormer readers might remember Milonov from his extensive track record of shitlordery, which includes efforts to ban Jew-produced propaganda garbage that aimed to push queerness onto children through films like Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers, as well as calling out the ancestors of two Jewish opposition politicians for boiling Christians in cauldrons.

Can you imagine the shockwaves that would be sent through the US if we had one politician with 1/10th of the balls this guy has?

Milonov on the Jews: “They vilify any saint. It is in their tradition of 2,000 years.”

Milonov sat down for an interview with MEMRI TV (Middle Eastern Media Research Institute), a station known mostly for hilarious screencaps of its closed captioning. The interview was on the topic of the sodomite threat in Russia as well as other dregs of society commonly championed by liberals and cultural Marxists in the West. Right off the bat, Vitaly lets the female interviewer know what his thoughts are on a particular case of a potential health hazard in the form of an FGGT protester.

Memri TV:

Interviewer: “When an LGBT activist chained himself to the…”

Milonov: “He’s a faggot.”

Interviewer: “He chained himself to the Ahmat Kadyrov bridge in St. Petersburg…”

Milonov: “He’s a sodomite.”

Interviewer: “You said – and I quote: ‘The bridge should be washed with shampoo now, because of this HIV-contaminated guy.’”

Milonov: “Yes, he was obviously HIV-contaminated.”

Interviewer: “Let me ask you, do you know for sure that he was HIV positive?”

Milonov: “Yes, he admitted so himself. He said in front of journalists: ‘Oh, I didn’t know that they’d figure out that I’m HIV infected.'”

Interviewer: “And how do you personally know?”

Milonov: “C’mon, he’s a faggot. All faggots have HIV.”

As Eric Striker pointed out back in 2015, Milonov is not exaggerating by any stretch of the imagination.

These people are not “just like us.” They are walking virus factories and the only reason we have to hear any of their complaints is because they’re the latest iteration of an aggrieved minority being used as proxy warriors by Jews against traditional White society. Vilonov continues to educate the SJW-esque (though attractive) interviewer on the disgusting nature of these people until she resorts to using the “F” word: fascist. This is where the clip gets derailed a bit, as the two play hot potato with the word fascist and, sadly, Violonov resorts to the Russian equivalent of DR3: “librulz r da real fascists.”

This is more of a reflection of Russian society because despite having suffered under the Semitic yoke of Communism for most of the 20th century, their victory over Germany in WW2 is still a matter of national pride and “fascist” is still very much a pejorative in Russia. (Obviously I don’t agree with that sentiment, but that’s how it is over there.)

After the lame detour into slandering fascism, Milonov gets back on track to the real issue: how queers and junkies are causing a global health crisis and what needs to be done about it.

Milonov: ”All addicts should be sent to closed facilities.”

Interviewer: “What?”

Milonov: “Closed facilities – medical labor camps.”

Interviewer: “You mean [concentration] camps?”

Milonov: “No, special camps.”

“Guess where you’re going, (((Steven)))?”

Interviewer: “What about someone who is an addict, but is not yet HIV-positive?”

Milonov: “A drug addict is sick, with a socially dangerous disease. He will kill for drugs. He will rape and commit robbery. In the camps, they should have a chance to be cured.”

Interviewer: “What about gays? Should they be sent to the same camps or different ones?

Milonov: If there is no propaganda of homosexuality, if we don’t say on TV that homosexuality is a norm – there will be no homosexuals at all.

Some might think this conclusion is an exaggeration, but Milonov is not too far off the mark. Hell, even former Vice President Joe Biden openly acknowledged (and praised) the fact that Jewish control of the media helped make AIDS marriage more acceptable in the US. And despite admitting that it was underhanded Jewish tricks that duped Americans into tolerating the travesty euphemistically referred to as “same sex marriage,” the US establishment has the gall to take umbrage when a country like Russia comes up with common sense measures to protect its minors from being targeted with perverted sodomite propaganda.

It’s refreshing to see a country that still has its nationalist immune system intact in order to respond to this social sickness that gets celebrated over here as if it’s some kind of achievement. Perhaps one day the men of the West can take some cues from our Slavic brothers and put up some resistance to this cultural GRIDS that we’re being forced to tolerate.