Russian Hackers are “Swaying Public Opinion Against US Government Policy,” US Government Says

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2020

“And fear not them which hack the mainframe, but are not able to hack the mind: but rather fear him which is able to hack both mainframe and mind in Russia.” -CIA 10:28

The Russian hacking hoax was retarded from the beginning, but they are now just completely running it into the ground, using it as the defense for everything, and at some point the word is going to get out that it is impossible to prove that someone hacked something, and people are going to say “what do you mean it can’t be proven? You mean you were just making this all up?”

It is already just a known fact among security professionals that you cannot know who hacked you. It is right now just a question of how much that information spreads among the general population.

The neat part is that saying Russian hacking is fake is exactly what a Russian meddler would say, and you will be censored on social media for saying that Russian hacking is fake. The Russian hacking narrative is designed to justify censorship as they are in the process of making it so there will be such strict censorship that it won’t matter if people believe it or not.

“Pick up that neo-vagina dilator!”

They are already now using “Russian hacking” as a way to shut down people who question election meddling – after Iowa, many tweets documenting irregularities in the caucus process were deleted, clearly on the premise they were “trying to undermine faith in democracy.” And of course, Twitter censoring you isn’t Twitter meddling in democracy, because Twitter is a private company that can do anything they want to anyone.

This is clearly the technique they would use if they did just outright steal an election.

They announced this week that literally everything is getting hacked – and that they’re hacking people’s opinions.

NBC News:

The United States faces a growing threat from foreign espionage, with adversaries trying to steal corporate secrets, hack supply chains and undermine Americans’ faith in democracy, according to a new U.S. counterintelligence strategy released Monday.

Foreign intelligence organizations from Russia, China and elsewhere are equipped with more sophisticated technology and are aiming their espionage and influence operations at a wider set of targets, including “U.S. and allied public opinion,” according to the National Counterintelligence Strategy for 2020-22.

Foreign spy organizations “are conducting influence campaigns in the United States to undermine confidence in our democratic institutions and processes, sow divisions in our society, exert leverage over the United States and weaken our alliances,” the strategy document says.

The influence efforts are designed to promote foreign agendas, alter public perceptions and “amplify conspiracy theories,” it says.

That means you, goy.

And guess who agrees with it?

President Donald Trump endorsed the findings before the document was released, even though he has previously cast doubt on whether Russia meddled in the 2016 election despite a consensus that it did among U.S. intelligence agencies.

Bill Evanina, director of the NCSC, told reporters Monday that he was concerned about foreign espionage services’ trying to exploit divisions in American society and sow doubts about the trustworthiness of electoral results.

Russian President Vladimir “Putin will want to ensure the election is as chaotic as possible,” Evanina said.

The recent Iowa Democratic caucuses, which were marred by technical glitches and a major delay in results, could provide an opportunity for foreign intelligence services to exploit the controversy, Evanina said.

He said the question was “How can our adversaries take advantage of that and pour oil on it?”

There, you see?

What if there really was ill will? What if there was a conspiracy to deprive Bernie Sanders of a win in Iowa? It wouldn’t matter, because there is no way to determine that when you are not allowed to think critically. And that is what they are telling you: you can’t think critically because there is an invisible and tasteless ethereal threat to your critical thinking processes.

“Have you ever seen such a magnificent species? These ‘hacker’ creatures can completely control their host’s nervous system. Can you imagine what the next stage of dictatorship looks like?” -KGB/Putin

In this paradigm they are creating, anything that they don’t want people saying is part of a Russian conspiracy to manipulate the minds of the public, and so it must all be dismissed without thinking about it, and the sources of it must be silenced.

It is basically like they are creating a new religion with these mysterious and invisible hackers as the devil. Everything bad is done by the devil or by people influenced by the devil.

This is exactly what we all read books about the Soviet Union doing. Anyone who disagreed with the state was labeled a capitalist agent. Any information that the state wanted to suppress was labeled capitalist propaganda. This meant no one was allowed to think for themselves. It is so insane that we are just sitting here watching this be created, and that this website is about the only place on earth you will find it spelled out.

Here is the complete document. (It was not linked in the NBC piece, by the way.)

It’s only 11 pages, and there is only one page dealing with shutting down free speech.

They claim that Russians are operating forums and posting on social media in order to confuse the public, which they apparently believe is stupid and easily confused. If the public is actually as stupid as they claim, we can’t hardly help but ask why on earth we would allow them to vote in the first place. But let’s put that aside for a moment.

They claim that the alleged disinformation campaigns¬†are designed “to sway public opinion against U.S. Government policies or in favor of foreign agendas, influence and deceive key decision makers, alter public perceptions, and amplify conspiracy theories.”

We have already established that there is no way to determine the origins of a hack or in this case a “meddle” (or whatever they call it when a Russian posts information on the internet that hacks a person’s brain and makes them incapable of recognizing the truth of the moral goodness of the US government). But suppose there were a way to determine a hack or a meddle: they do not release the technical information on any of that. That would violate “national security.”

So they are claiming entire categories of thought, specifically those opinions which are “against US Government policies,” are against democracy, and must be regulated. Surely anyone can see that if the Russian hackers were not a hoax, the US government would invent them as a hoax, as this narrative is absolutely necessary in order to take the United States into new realms of political repression.

When you get into a legit sci-fi dystopia, you’re going to wish you would have kept your freedom of speech.

Why are people not speaking out against this? Is the ability to abuse it not obvious to everyone?

I have never actually even heard anyone say “Russian hackers” in my life. I don’t think even leftists believe in this. It’s only ever talked about by the media. You sometimes saw people supporting the Robert Mueller Sanhedrin, but they were all boomers who didn’t really understand what was going on. They all thought it was about hacking the voting machines and changing votes, or about Trump getting pissed on by hookers in Moscow and then told by Vladimir Putin that if he didn’t run for president he would post the tape on the internet (and then, after he was elected, Putin called him and told him to be mean to immigrants and not invade Syria). They do not have a clear perception of what is being said here, which is this:

“Russians are posting things on the internet that encourage people not to trust the US government, and this is causing people to stop trusting the US government, so we need to work with social media companies and figure out new ways to silence people who disagree with the US government, because those people are either Russians or people who have had their brains hacked by Russians.”

I am legitimately skeptical that even boomers would go along with the theory that Russians are hacking people’s thoughts as a justification for mass censorship. The basic concept that people cannot be trusted to manage their own belief system is not something that is popular.

In fact, you don’t have to be an extreme free thinker to see that it naturally follows that you have a very serious crisis with any and all media if you accept this narrative. If posting opinions on the internet is psychological warfare, then it becomes very confusing why it would only be Russians who were restricted from posting on the internet. If you had a gun that was capable of manipulating the mind of anyone you pointed it at, changing their thoughts, that would not be legal to own. Yet that is what the US government is telling us posting on the internet is: a mind weapon.

And when they really start censoring the Bernie Sanders people and accusing them of being Russian bots, maybe we will be able to have a conversation about the role of free speech in America, and whether fighting the voodoo-like threat of Russians hacking people’s brains by posting memes on Facebook is really worth sacrificing free speech for.