Russian Grinches Tried to Ruin Thanksgiving by Tricking People Into Thinking Walmart Turkeys were Bad

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 22, 2018

At first, it was hard to understand why the Russian hackers/trolls/meddlers were supporting both sides in the election.

But now we know: they just like messing with people. They do things just to be mean, because they are mean people.

Because that whole thing with Donald Trump being a secret Russian agent and Russians hacking the election and all that other stuff the media has been talking about for a year turns out to be fake – but now you hear the real story: this thing about a Walmart Thanksgiving turkey hoax.

Daily Mail:

Security experts say a series of Russian retweets about a fake news story claiming an outbreak of contaminated Thanksgiving turkey may have been a dry-run for election meddling.

The false narrative of a contaminated food-borne illness outbreak began with a posting by a poster under the name Alice Norton claiming her whole family got sick after eating a Walmart turkey.

But as the Wall Street Journal reported, Walmart says the outbreak never happened, and the supplier named in subsequent posts didn’t even sell birds to the store.

Nevertheless, the rumor immediately took flight, spreading across the Internet amid ever escalating claims of 200 people taking to New York hospitals due to the supposed outbreak – something that also didn’t happen.

As it turns out, many of the fake claims about the incident can be traced to the Internet Research Agency, a St. Petersburg Russia-based troll farm linked to the Kremlin.

Special counsel Robert Mueller named the troll farm in an indictment released Friday of 13 Russians accused of interfering in the presidential election with Facebook posts and tweets meant to impersonate real Americans.

It is not entirely clear why Russians would be tweeting about a false tainted turkey outbreak in the U.S., but some security experts have concluded the turkey and other incidents may have been practice runs meant to fine-tune a system for spreading disinformation through the U.S.

It is entirely clear why they hoaxed these turkeys.

It’s the same reason /b/ closed the pool at Habbo Hotel.


If you really want to know what drives Vladimir Putin, just watch this video which has been approved by the Mueller special counsel as “an accurate representation of the character of the deranged and pure evil anti-human rights dictator Vladimir Putin”:

But be ready.

It is soul-twisting.