Russian Government Attacks American Neo-Nazis

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2015

The only active "Neo-Nazi" group that I'm even aware of is the NSM.  Where are the other 999?  You'd think I'd know.
The only active “Neo-Nazi” group that I’m even aware of is the NSM. Where are the other 999? You’d think I’d know.

The Russian government has come out and condemned us, officially. Which I think is really gay.

Russian Foreign Ministry’s Human Rights Obudsman Kostantin Dolgov said Wednesday that there are up to 1,000 neo-Nazi organizations operating legally in the United States, Russian English-language outlet Sputnik reports.

I’m not sure where he got these numbers, because this is much more extreme than the kooky SPLC’s numbers of around 200.  For my part, the only active group which could responsibly called a “neo-Nazi organization” that I’m aware of is the NSM.  We here at the Daily Stormer have accepted the title of “neo-Nazi,” and seem to fit the description, but we are not an organization.  More of a website.

All of the other actual organizations – National Youth Front, TradYouth, etc. – avoid the “neo-Nazi” label and do not use National Socialist symbols.

I will just note here that I do think we need more openly neo-Nazi organizations in the US.  Maybe skip the costumes and swastikas, but remain unapologetically NS.  Something like National Action would be fantastic.  As you are all aware, I will do whatever I can to help any such organization.

Dolgov argued that the number of these organizations could quickly increase, and that we could become the “political mainstream.”

Why he would be against that, when we would obviously end hostilities toward Russia if we did become the mainstream, I have no idea.

“Officially, there are almost 1,000 extremist neo-Nazi groups which are legally acting [in the United States],” Dolgov said, speaking in Russia’s lower house of parliament.

Russia has regularly been citing the shootings of “unarmed teens” as a reason why the US is doomed, when in fact it is an over-abundance of unarmed teens and their Jew masters which is dooming the US.

If Russia likes unarmed teens, we can surely send them some of ours. We have quite the surplus.

Let’s just hope the prediction comes true and we soon break into the mainstream.