Russian Government Advises People Not to Waste Their Time on Western Social Media Because They’ll Just be Banned

Western social media is so useless that governments have to warn their people not to waste their time with it.


After a Russian TV channel loosely inspired by America’s Fox News was blocked by video-streaming service YouTube earlier this week, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman says Western web giants should be treated with a “low degree of trust.”

Dmitry Peskov emphasized that the companies are completely unaccountable and can do as they please. He said the public needs to be aware that they can be “thrown out of there along with their account” at any moment.
Tsargrad TV – launched with the help of ex-Fox producer Jack Hanick in 2015 – announced that the Google subsidiary had blocked its account on July 28, over an apparent violation of the law on sanctions and trade rules.

Its owner, religious conservative Konstantin Malofeev, is under EU sanctions for his alleged involvement in the war in Eastern Ukraine.

“There is a solution – not to depend on the Western platforms,” Peskov added. “Any Western platform is a private platform… there are no rules there – neither rules nor guarantees.”

It’s kind of a funny story, but this has just gotten ridiculous.

The entire original purpose of social media is now gone. It is no longer a place for people to gather and share thoughts with one another. It is just a propaganda platform. If you want to promote state propaganda, you are allowed to be on there and do that, but if you disagree with the government or the Jews, you have to go.

If Joe Biden is elected, all ideas counter to the revolution will simply be illegal, so the banning thing won’t be an issue anymore. If Donald Trump wins, I sure do hope that some serious money is put into creating some new platforms, and I hope the government takes some action against these companies.

Trump will have them all dead to rights on a conspiracy to undermine democracy. It should be easy enough.