Russia Finally Kinda-Sorta Moving to Regulate the Western Internet Monopolies

Finally, something.


If Moscow legislators pass a proposed law to force large IT companies to maintain offices on Russian soil, Wikipedia could be registered as a foreign agent, and as such it may have to deal with numerous sanctions and restrictions.

That’s according to Stanislav Kozlovsky, the executive director of Wikimedia RU, the Russian arm of the online encyclopaedia’s parent foundation. Speaking last Friday at a meeting of the country’s parliamentary committee on technology and communications, he asked politicians not to pass the proposed legislation.

“If official representation of a nonprofit organization is established in Russia, it automatically becomes a foreign agent. It is subject to all the sanctions against foreign agents,” Kozlovsky explained, telling the MPs that Wikipedia is not run for profit and is financed by donations from users.

In Russia, any NGO receiving foreign agent designation faces multiple restrictions, including a prohibition on employing foreigners, and regular audits.

The proposed law to force tech giants to create a base in Russia was put forward by MP Alexander Khinstein of the ruling United Russia party. If passed, it would regulate the activities of foreign companies whose websites are visited by more than 500,000 Russians a day. The legislation is designed to make these businesses accountable to the country’s laws. As things stand, foreign tech giants often avoid demands from the Russian authorities.

According to Khinstein, Wikipedia would not be designated as a foreign agent, as it is not engaged in political activities. However, Kozlovsky believes that current legislation would, in fact, apply to the website.

“I am talking to you now, and according to your law, that is political activity,” Kozlovsky said.

Khinstein is Jewish. It’s concerning that he would be the one out in front of this. Who knows, maybe he’s one of these “good ones” I keep hearing about, but it is always unfortunate to see a Jew doing anything.

Obviously, this is something that a lot of normal Russian politicians have called for. But the concern is that once a Jew gets ahold of it, it turns out not being what you want it to be.

It’s not clear if Khinstein is the one focusing on Wikipedia, or if it is just RT that decided to make Wikipedia the focus. Either way, Wikipedia should not be the focus.

Sure, regulate Wikipedia like everything else (I guess), but the big problem is Twitter and Facebook. Those are the outlets that the CIA uses to propagandize people, and worse, they are the outlets that become the dominant place for conversation and are then censored by the ruling elite of the West.

If these platforms were really as open as they claim to be, you could make an argument against regulating them. But what they do is go into a country, become the de facto communications platform, then start censoring people they don’t like and pushing the material they do like. They can basically manipulate entire societies wholesale, and it is ridiculous.

It is the precise opposite of freedom of speech, and is an attack on the public discussion of every country where these entities are allowed to operate with impunity.

It is absurd that we allow these companies to operate with impunity in America, but when you start talking about foreign countries – including countries that the American elite are actively trying to undermine – it becomes nonsensical.

Honestly, there is no reason that the companies shouldn’t simply be banned outright in Russia and blocked. They’re obviously not going to go along with any regulation, and Russia doesn’t really have the ability to put any pressure on them at all. In theory, regulation is a precursor to banning them, but this is certainly taking long enough.

The CIA has already used these websites to organize massive gay anal and feminist anti-government protests in Russia.

They have already banned virtually all Russian nationalists from pushing back against these people.

I don’t see what more of an excuse you need.

Russia already has its own social media alternatives, so I just don’t see what possible reason there could be for not banning these NOW. The only people it would upset are the people who are already upset.

China is the only non-anal place in the world that doesn’t have regular anal protests, and it is also the only place that has outright banned these social media companies. It’s not a coincidence.

Russia’s actions here do not make any sense.

Russian politicians are now talking about how they’re probably going to be banned from the SWIFT system. They’re already under massive sanctions. The CIA hoaxed them with the fake poisoning of that neo-Nazi homo.

It’s time to act!

Ban Twitter and Facebook!