Russian Beauty Queen Outed as Neo-Nazi

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2015

"She can Sieg Heil me anytime she likes!"
“She can Sieg Heil me anytime she likes!”

Proving once again that all beautiful or otherwise valuable people are secret Nazis, a Russian beauty queen has been outed as a secret Nazi.


The newly crowned winner of the Russian Premier League’s ‘Miss Charming’ beauty contest has lost her title after being accused of neo-Nazism.

21-year-old Olga Kuzkova was selected by Russian club Spartak Moscow to be their beauty queen, and was subsequently judged the ‘most charming’ of all of the representatives of Russia’s 16 Premier League sides.

However, pictures have emerged from Kuzkova’s page on Russian social networking site VKontakte exposing her far-right allegiances.

In one picture, Kuzkova raises her right arm in what appears to be a Nazi salute in front of a wall daubed with white nationalist and pro-Hitler graffiti.

Another image depicts a woman wearing a French maid costume with a Nazi arm band standing in front of flaming oven. As reported in the Moscow Times, the photo was captioned with text calling for the burning of Jews and “khachi” – a derogatory term for Caucasus people.

After CSKA Moscow fans brought the pictures to the attention of Russian footballing authorities Kuzkova was stripped of her title.

Hopefully, she won’t recant.

They are now trying to tie the “scandal” (seems to me its her own business, as her crowning was about her looks, not her politics) to Russia’s World Cup.

The scandal comes with Russia due to host the World Cup in 2018.

Piara Powar, of Football Against Racism in Europe, said “An acceptable long-term reaction can only come through the implementation of an action plan covering all elements of racism, discrimination and far-right involvement.

“The World Cup is a global event. Hosting it means a global spotlight is focused on whoever wins the rights. And Russia will continue to face questions over these issues around the world until we see some real progress.

She is also true 1488, married with a baby instead of engaging in whatever type of lunatic career-slut actions 21-year-old Western women are presently engaged in.

White love!
White love!
Note to women: having a baby is no excuse to look like crap - hit the gym like Olga! We don't ask much of you, this is not difficult!
Note to women: having a baby is no excuse to look like crap – hit the gym like Olga! We don’t ask much of you – squats are not difficult! There are videos on YouTube explaining how to do squats! Someone at the gym will show you if you ask them! #NoExcuseForFatness

More pictures of true Nazi beauty.