Russia Will Continue to Slow Down Twitter Until Mid May But Won’t Block It


Not only will Russia not ban Twitter – they won’t even be frank about the reason they don’t want to ban it.

Instead of talking about foreign meddling, they are talking about suicide, drugs and child porn.


Russian authorities said Monday they would continue to slow down Twitter until mid-May, but wouldn’t block the social media platform for now because it has started to remove banned content faster.

The announcement marks somewhat of a reprieve in the recent standoff between the Russian government and the platformh, which has played a role in amplifying dissent in Russia.

Russia’s state communications watchdog Roskomnadzor accused Twitter last month of failing to remove content encouraging suicide among children, as well as information about drugs and child pornography. The agency announced on March 10 it was slowing down the speed of uploading photos and videos to the platform, and less then a week later threatened to block it within a month if it continues to not comply with the demands.

In response to the accusations, Twitter has emphasized its policy of zero tolerance for child sexual exploitation, the promotion of suicide and drug sales.

As the AP notes, Putin was frank about his issues with Twitter:

Russian authorities criticized social media platforms earlier this year for bringing tens of thousands of people into the streets across the country in January to demand the release of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is President Vladimir Putin’s most well-known critic. The wave of demonstrations was the largest in years and posed a major challenge to the Kremlin.

The authorities alleged that social media platforms failed to remove calls for children to join the protests. Putin has urged police to act more to monitor social media platforms and to track down those who draw children into “illegal and unsanctioned street actions.”

So if the media is reporting it anyway, then why won’t the Russian government simply say it frankly?

What is the point of stating fake concerns about boogiemen?

Also, what is the point of limiting the speed of the site, when all that does is frustrate the rebels, to no specific end?

Western social media is nothing but liabilities. There is no benefit to allowing it. This shouldn’t be a fact that you have to tiptoe around. These companies are against sovereignty, they are against freedom of speech, and they are inspiring a seditious conspiracy among stupid, gullible elements of the population.