Russia: White Women and Homosexuals in Corona Masks Whining Publicly on Behalf of the US State Department

White women

Donald Trump won an election on a mandate of being friends with our Christian brothers and sisters in Russia.

Then he appointed Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State.

These protests are as fake as the 2014 protests in the Ukraine, and they have the same source. If the “protesters” get a chance, they will turn this as violent as the Ukraine protests, and overthrow the Russian government and install a Jewish anal dictatorship, just like in the Ukraine.


Dozens of people were arrested at a protest in Moscow on Wednesday against constitutional reforms that give President Vladimir Putin the option to remain in power for another 16 years, witnesses and a monitoring group said.

About 500 demonstrators, many of whom wore face masks branded with the word “no”, chanted calls for Putin to resign and held up banners against the reforms.

Police surrounded them and began making arrests late in the evening after participants started a march down one of the city’s main boulevards, with officers in riot gear forcefully rounding up protesters and placing them in vans.

Over a hundred people were detained, according to the rights monitoring group OVD-info. There was no immediate confirmation from police or the government on numbers of arrests.

A vote earlier this month amended Russia’s constitution, handing Putin the right to run for two more presidential terms, an outcome the Kremlin described as a triumph.

Opposition activists say the vote was illegitimate and that it is time for Putin, who has ruled Russia for over two decades as president or prime minister, to step down.

“I came here to sign the petition against the constitutional reforms because I am a nationalist,” said one 40-year old man in a black t-shirt as protesters chanted “Putin is a thief”.

Yes, the fake nationalist scum is also on board with this anal agenda. Just like in the Ukraine, where the neo-Nazi groups were all run and being supported openly by Jews, including the Israeli military.

When your neo-Nazis have kippahs on under their riot helmets, you’ve got a seriously weird and very specific problem.

But basically, if you’re a neo-Nazi and you find yourself on the side of homosexuals and women, you don’t even need to go sniffing around for a kippah under a helmet – you should immediately recognize that something has gone terribly wrong, and it is time to recalibrate your agenda.