Russia Warns of Massive War in Europe If NATO Doesn’t Take the Chill Pill

The chill pill…
…the one thing in the universe Mike Pompeo would never eat.

If NATO tries to move missiles into the Ukraine, I don’t really see how Russia can now invade.

Of course, that might take too long, and Russia is claiming that US intelligence contractors are attempting to stage a false flag chemical attack in the Ukraine (a la Syria) in order to get boots on the ground.


Russia’s top diplomat believes that US-NATO missiles near the Russian border would increase tension and worsen the risk of escalation.

Ukraine’s possible accession to NATO poses “unacceptable threats” to Moscow, including the possibility that missile defense systems could be placed directly on the Russian border, the country’s foreign minister said on Friday.

Speaking to Bosnian newspaper Oslobodjenje, Sergey Lavrov said that all parties need to reduce the “degree of confrontation” caused by American officials and their work with their “Ukrainian protégés.”

The policy of dragging Kiev into NATO with the prospect of missile strike systems appearing near our borders poses unacceptable threats to Russian security, provoking serious military risks for all parties involved, up to and including large-scale conflict in Europe,” he said.

Lavrov’s comments to the Bosnian outlet come as relations between Russia and the US-led military bloc remain at a crisis point.

Earlier this week, at an expanded meeting of the Ministry of Defense, Russian President Vladimir Putin explained that, if NATO infrastructure appeared in Ukraine, it would only take 7-10 minutes for a missile to reach Moscow, stressing that this was “a serious challenge for Russia.”

I made this meme, by the way:

Sometimes I lay awake at night, worried that people don’t understand how funny I am.

I have no predictions on the Ukraine or a Russia war generally.

Everything is obviously pointing in that directly, but the people running Washington/NATO are so dumb and incompetent, that it’s really hard to understand how such a thing is even possible.

But maybe the dumb incompetence is why it’s possible.

Who knows? 

What we do know is that each and every day, things are getting hotter.

We also know that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the “President” of the fake Ukrainian revolutionary government seem to have a great relationship.

I wonder how those two became such fast friends?

Similar interests and hobbies, I suppose.

The whole situation doesn’t particularly concern me, as I’m staunchly pro nuclear war.

The show’s over, folks.

Roll the credits already.