Russia Threatens Israel with Violence, Prints Op-Ed in RT Confirming It

Scott Ritter is a former US Marines Intelligence Officer and the former UN weapons inspector who found repeatedly that the United States government was lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. At the time, he made a point of it. According to his Wikipedia page, when the Dick Cheney Administration was trying to start up the war with Iraq, The New York Times dubbed Ritter “the loudest and most credible skeptic of the Bush administration’s contention that Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction.”

I am old enough to remember that after the war began, Ritter was effectively blacklisted by the regular media. He was regularly cited by Alex Jones, and I believe he appeared on the show with Alex with some regularity (although those records have been washed from the internet). Ritter was then set up in an online underage girl sex sting in 2009 and sentenced to prison. He was released in 2012, and has continued to comment on Middle East affairs.

Last week, Russia issued a statement which appeared to threaten violence against Israel if they continue bombing Syria. The threat was thinly veiled, but veiled nonetheless. The veil seems to now be removed, as this week the Russian state media outlet RT published an essay by Scott Ritter saying “this is a threat of violence against Israel.”

Obviously, I am not suggesting Ritter is a mouthpiece of Russia, and is presumably only publishing in RT because it is the only major news outlet that will publish his writing. But RT featured this story in the top spot on their site, and then moved it to the special article spot on the sidebar.

In the piece, Ritter goes on to suggest that Israel should reconsider getting into a direct conflict with Russia.


How Russia responds to Israel’s attacks on Iranian targets inside Syria could make all the difference as to whether the region boils over into full-scale war or continues to simmer at its current, already dangerous, level.

In an official statement last week, the special envoy of the president of Russia to Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, indicated that Moscow was rapidly losing patience with Israel over airstrikes against alleged Iranian targets on Syria soil. “Sooner or later, the cup of patience, including the Syrian government, may be overflowing, and a retaliatory strike will follow, which will accordingly lead to a new round of tension. These attacks must be stopped, they are counterproductive. We hope that the Israeli side will hear our concerns, including concerns about the possible escalation of violence in Syria.”

The language, though diplomatic, leaves little room for misinterpretation. By using the term “including” about the Syrian government losing patience, Lavrentiev left no doubt that the other “inclusive” party was Russia. This linkage carries over into the not-so-veiled threat of a “retaliatory strike” and “possible escalation of violence.” In short, Lavrentiev’s warning was as blunt a threat against Israel that could be made short of stating the obvious – if Israel continues to bomb Syria, Russia will have no choice but to shoot down their planes.

The article continues with an accurate explanation of what led the world to this point, and notes that Israel is currently saying that they might be fighting a ground war with Iran inside of Syria sometime this year.

Ritter seems confident that even though Russia has been holding back both Syrian and Iranian forces for months, they will get involved more actively if the situation escalates.

What the piece doesn’t mention is that the United States, under the Biden Administration, is fully in support of all of this. Joe Biden last week bombed Syria, allegedly killing dozens of people, and this week he is talking about how he’s thinking about bombing Iraq. Obviously, it is the administration’s intention to get deeply involved in fighting wars in the area, presumably soon (more or less right now).

Israel is a small country and it doesn’t have a huge military. What we are looking at, ultimately, is a proxy war between Russia and the United States inside of Syria.

Presumably, this would be an ongoing quagmire for everyone involved. Russia has been entrenched in Syria for more than five years, and ISIS and other American-backed terrorist groups have been more or less totally annihilated as a result of Donald Trump’s one foreign policy achievement, which was cutting the funding to these terrorist groups.

The factor that can’t be ignored is that Russia has very serious domestic problems right now, caused by Western support of a neo-Nazi leader who was poisoned in some kind of false flag hoax. Russian women and homosexuals have taken to the streets in large numbers in support of the neo-Nazi, Alexi Navalny, effectively calling for a new government to be installed, with the aggressive backing of all Western nations.

What Russia is looking at is a large foreign war that will cause austerity at home amidst an existing social revolution spurred on by Western social media companies and led by women educated in George Soros democracy training programs.

The deciding factor would presumably be the extent to which China agrees to support Russia. Vladimir Putin has attempted to strengthen ties with China over recent years, presumably with this exact scenario in mind. China would also have its own very obvious reasons for preferring that Russia not fall to the Western Empire.

All of this is to say that what we are looking at is the seeds of World War III.

I have speculated that currently, there is an ongoing process to transfer the center of global management from the American intelligence establishment to the United Nations, the European Union and tech corporations. But it seems that all of those groups that are wanting to take power from the United States, due primarily to the ineptitude of Washington, would not mind if the US military has one last hurrah, fighting a devastating World War with the ultimate goal of neutralizing both Russia and China.