Russia Tells Students Studying Abroad to Come Home to Motherland ASAP

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2018

There are a whole lot of different moves being made by Russia indicating that they are going into full-on Cold War II mode.

One of the biggest of those moves is the locking down of the interwebs. Russia was making a big show of “see, we’re not the USSR anymore” by allowing a free internet (minus porno, of course, but that’s not a free speech issue). Now they’re beginning to shut out social media, China-style.

Here’s another rather big (if largely symbolic) move on Putin’s part.

Daily Express:

The threat of security problems and “provocations” in the wake of the Skripals’ poisoning means they should flee now and move to the “wild east” of Russia.

A campaign aimed at bringing home young people studying in the UK and other Western countries has been launched by an official group representing former Soviet states.

They are told that there are excellent opportunities in the far east of Siberia instead of London – but the plan has been mocked on social media.

I’ll tell you what, the weather in Siberia is probably better than the weather in London.

And the people definitely are.

In recent years some of Russia’s brightest students, as well as high-flying financial and technological graduates, have gravitated to major British universities and companies.

But they now face a ‘noticeable negative impact of Russophobic attitudes” in the wake of the Salisbury poisonings, warned Olga Evko, a representative of Rossotrudnichestvo, the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation.

Russians are informed by their state-run media that the Skripals were poisoned not by Moscow but an MI5 or MI6 in a conspiracy to damage the Kremlin.

Britain has been blamed, too, for the chemical attack on Syria.

Yes, they’re being blamed for those things because they did them.

As far as Russians being discriminated against in Britain – that’s possible. I doubt they will be discriminated against by their peers in university, but they probably will be discriminated against by the authorities.

But I think Russia wanting to bring them home probably has more to do with wanting to avoid a brain-drain type situation in a time when they need all the brain-power they can get.

Of course, stupid bitches won’t listen.

But whatever.

“Of what use is a woman, other than to get fucked by a man’s dick?” -Ancient logical statement

I imagine they also don’t like the idea of Russians who are abroad sending messages back to Russians who are at home, which would be likely to contain Western propaganda.

They are going full turtle mode.

Something that is easier said than done after you learn the true shape of the earth.

“There’s no place to turtle to… when you’re on the back of elephants standing on a turtle on the flat earth.” -Ancient Buddha statement

So, yes.

All of the signs coming from Russia indicate that they have reason to believe that Trump isn’t going to work this out.

And every step away from Russia-America friendship is a step towards WWIII.

Which is a mixed bag, of course.

On the one hand, I will be Negan.

On the other, we will have to fight super-mutants.

And actually, that would also probably be pretty fun.

On the other two hands… or perhaps feet… if we make friends with Russia, we can build a futuristic space empire, wherein we will commit galactic genocide.

But on the fourth foot, people are stranger, when you’re a space ranger, women look weird, when you’re in space.

Both options, I think, are pretty good options, which are sure to lead to a lot of engaging side-quests.

What I can’t hardly take is this in-between thing.

I would like to see full-friendship and love, or total nuclear war.

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