Russia Tells Israel to Knock It Off with the Baby Killing!

As Joe “Baby Killer Joe” Biden continues to pledge his unwavering support for Israel’s slaughter of so-called “terror babies” in Palestine, Russians are taking a different approach.


Russia is preparing for a potential mission to rescue its own citizens, and those of former Soviet states, from war-torn Gaza as Israeli forces press ahead with a campaign of airstrikes aimed at Palestinian militants.

In an executive order issued on Thursday, President Vladimir Putin instructed the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with its top intelligence agency, the SVR, and emergency response officials to lay the groundwork for an evacuation of any citizens or personnel trapped by the fighting. The move, which the president described as a response to a “sharp deterioration in the situation in Gaza,” would also offer a potential lifeline to passport holders from the Commonwealth of Independent States, comprised of nine of the USSR’s ex-republics.

The decision comes just one day after Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov warned Israel’s ambassador in Moscow that the situation was worsening. During “a frank exchange of views,” the Russian side “expressed extreme concern about the escalation of tensions and emphasized that a further increase in the number of civilian casualties would be unacceptable.”


But what does that actually mean?

Does it mean Russia won’t accept it?

Earlier this week, Moscow’s veteran Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters that “we condemn the strikes that are being launched from [Gaza] to residential areas [in Israel].” At the same time, he added, “We also, of course, condemn the completely unacceptable strikes on civilian targets in the Palestinian territories.”

He pledged Russia’s support in negotiating an end to the violence. “We will do everything to help them find agreements to calm down the present, extremely dangerous, hot phase of the conflict and to start direct negotiations as soon as possible,” Lavrov said.

Joe Biden has refused to get involved at all, save to continue to supply the Jews with weapons to use to kill children and level residential homes and press buildings.

Baby Killer Joe has more recently claimed that he thinks Israel should maybe not kill so many children. But he’s said this in muted tones that are drowned out by the sound of missiles being loaded aboard planes shipping out to Tel Aviv.

What Fake President Biden has not done is asked to be involved in peace talks. All he has done is the absolute minimum of signaling to stop the “progressive” Democrats from going nuts.

He should come out and say “maybe you can quit shooting the babies with live ammo and use rubber bullets instead?”

Biden is riding the fence, and the Israelis understand that and are not bothered. This is obviously more than they could ever have gotten away with under Donald Trump. Trump would have said “Hey, maybe it’s time to relax??? Many dead already!”

Maybe Trump wouldn’t have said that – but there is enough of a chance that he would have said it that the Israelis wouldn’t do this under Trump. There is also the fact that under Trump, the media would be obligated to attack Trump for not doing enough to prevent Israeli attacks, whereas under Biden, they don’t push him at all.

Trump wasn’t a perfect candidate, but he was the peace candidate, and you’re going to see war on a scale you can’t yet imagine under Joe Biden (or, more likely, under Kamala Harris).

As far as Russia – they could be doing more to stop the Jews. But at least they’re saying something!