Russia Says They’re Not Worried About Chinese Missiles

Being afraid of “Chinese aggression” is nonsensical.

Chinese people will not even confront you at a store if you get angry about something. If you start yelling, the manager will try to distract you so he can slip out the back.

Asians are the single most non-confrontational group of people on earth. They are basically the opposite of the blacks.


The first purported test of a Chinese missile that can fly faster than the speed of sound might be causing consternation in the West but, as a close partner of Beijing, Russia has no reason to be concerned, the Kremlin has said.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said recent reports the advanced nuclear-capable weapon had been test-fired in August were nothing for Moscow to worry about. Asked whether Russian officials see such a development as a threat, the Kremlin official said that “no, it isn’t being seen that way.”

“We have allied relations with China,” Peskov went on. “China is developing its armed forces and its weapons systems, but it isn’t going beyond the framework of any international agreements,” he added.

Last week, Britain’s Financial Times reported that the launch of a hypersonic rocket earlier this year “took US intelligence by surprise.” The missile reportedly entered into orbit and circled the globe before landing several miles away from its intended target. Despite that, the report claims, Pentagon analysts were taken aback by how advanced the system was.

The US elite is shocked that they’re losing their position as global leader, but I don’t understand what they thought was going to happen when they got to the place where their head military guy is talking about how the major threat is the population itself.

Maybe instead of “I want to understand white rage” he should have been saying “I want to understand Chinese missile capabilities,” huh?

That might have sort of maybe made a little bit more sense.


The Chinese Foreign Ministry has claimed the US is hyping up talk of China’s hypersonic technology after a recent missile test so it can justify its own military expansion and further its hegemony.

Speaking on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Beijing firmly opposed the US continuously exaggerating the “China threat theory.” He stated that Beijing’s only interest was self-defense, and claimed it would not engage in a nuclear arms race with any country.

“China’s development of necessary military capabilities is entirely to safeguard its legitimate national security interests. The growth of China’s power is the growth of peaceful forces,” he said, adding that no country would have to fight Chinese forces if they did not threaten Beijing’s sovereignty.

Wang claimed the recent hysteria over a Chinese hypersonic rocket launch was merely the US trying to find another excuse to expand its military power and seek an absolute security advantage.

At some point, the US is going to hit a very hard ceiling on its ability to develop anything.

White men have been run out of the workplace. Not just at universities, but at defense companies.

If you’re a rocket engineer, why would you allow yourself to be subjected to this kind of abuse?

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Aside from the anti-white stuff, you also have the fact that the highest IQ groups are the ones most resistant to these vax mandates.

The US is going to end up in a situation where they have completely destroyed the people most capable of doing anything. They’re going to be left hoping that race and sex are just social constructs as they’re left with nothing but brown people and women, trying to compete with the Chinese.


The White House’s snarky response to a question about the Chinese hypersonic missile was: “we welcome the competition.”

Well, good luck, cunt.

I’m a high IQ white male, and I want nothing to do with any of this dumb bullshit. It’s not going to be long before we’ve all taken that position.

I would love to be working for my country, fighting the enemies of my country. But my country hardly even exists anymore, and the enemies of my country are running it.