Russia Says They’re Going to Do Better Bombs Than You

Russian Defense Minister seen announcing the next phase of the plan*

Honestly, I don’t really know a lot about military hardware, and in terms of the Russia-US conflict, and the way the hardware intersects with strategy and tactics and politics and all of the rest of it, I haven’t really been able to find anyone who appears to know what they’re talking about.

What I do know is that the US has a whole helluva lot of military hardware, and even Russia and China combined can’t really compete with it if we’re talking about nothing but hardware.


Russia’s new S-550 air defense system, said to be capable of hitting high-altitude spacecraft and missiles, including hypersonic types, has passed trials and is already in service, TASS has reported.

The Moscow news agency quoted a source, which it said is close to the Defense Ministry, who described the S-550 as “an absolutely new mobile strategic missile defense system, which is unparalleled anywhere in the world and capable of striking spacecraft, warheads of intercontinental ballistic missiles and hypersonic targets.”

“The S-550 air defense system has successfully completed state trials. Its first brigade has already been placed on combat duty,” they continued.

The arrival of this new hardware ensures that Russia possesses a multilayered air- and missile-defense architecture, according to the TASS source.

The country now boasts Pantsir anti-aircraft and cannon systems that cover low altitudes; the long-range air-defense systems S-350, S-400 and S-500; as well as the S-550, preventing threats from space.

There has so far been no official confirmation of the report.

What I am most interested in personally is a nuclear war that wipes out every city on earth that has institutionalized child trannies. I think that is 6,000,000% reasonable, and I think anyone who disagrees with me is blinded by Satan.

If you live in a city that has institutionalized child trannies, I would advise you to get the hell out immediately. Walk if you have to. You don’t have any excuses.

The appropriate time for a nuclear war that wiped out most major Western urban centers was 1972. We’ve been living on borrowed time since then. Maybe Jesus was being generous, or maybe God was allowing us to be punished for our sins.

I don’t know.

But we’re approaching the point where it just can’t go on anymore.

Nukes now.

You all know we all deserve it.

*I am incapable of keeping to the plan to not do anymore Star War references.