Russia: Pureblood MPs Forced to Work from Home

A lot of people on the internet are trying to say Russia isn’t going into full virus mania. However, that is untrue.

I’ve always been a Russia shill. So, I’m just telling you what’s happening.

They’re going full hysteria.


Russian MPs who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 will be forced to work from home and will not be allowed to participate in person to debate within the parliament’s chamber, the speaker of the house ruled on Thursday.

According to Vyacheslav Volodin, the Commission on Rules and Maintenance of Activity of the State Duma had been instructed to figure out a way to allow MPs to participate in parliamentary activity remotely. Unvaccinated assistants and civil servants will also be forced to work from home, Volodin explained.

“If the work of the parliament just stops, imagine what consequences the country may face,” the speaker said.

“It won’t work any other way. They made a commitment. This is a service. They have a special pension, they have healthcare in a special hospital,” he continued. “Without vaccination, without antibodies, they cannot effectively perform their duties.”

Volodin’s proposal was also backed by a number of prominent MPs, including the leader of the far-right LDPR party Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

“We have 37 MPs who both didn’t get sick and didn’t get vaccinated,” he explained. “I suggest working remotely and sitting at home. Over the Internet, they may well be able to keep track of what’s going on in the room. Every day, one of the deputies gets sick.”

Also, I initially believed the Russian vax was a placebo – but there are a whole lot of reports indicating otherwise. Everyone seems to be getting sick from it.

Here’s some chick’s English vlog talking about her experience. There are a lot of these in Russian.

I guess it’s probably less bad than the Pfizer vax? I don’t know. It’s doing a weird mutant DNA thing. I wouldn’t take any of this crap. You’d really have to be completely insane, or just know nothing about anything.

There is no pandemic.

Russia is now also going full QR code mania. And not just in shitlib Moscow. They’re trying to do this in small towns.

I’m still pro-Russia, but I think this is a very bad direction for the country to be going in. They should be using the West’s self-inflicted wound to try to get ahead – not just going along with this lunatic program.

I hope that sanity prevails, and that Russia is just going through some kind of phase. This wasn’t happening last year.

I’m praying for Russia to come to their senses and not go down in this pit.