Russia Pulls Out of Nuclear Arms Treaty; New Arms Race Begins!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2019

It’s amazing to think about, really.

America was never this antagonistic to the USSR. But now, despite shared interests and common foes, the US has been steered into a collision course with Russia.

This plan that the neocons have cooked up to defeat Russia is nothing new. It is the exact same plan that they came up with the first time around. Basically, Ronald Reagan baited the Soviet Union into a spending match and managed to bankrupt them because they couldn’t resist one-upping the US.

This is, of course, only a small slice of the true story behind the deliberate demolition of the USSR, but it’s probably the only part that President Trump has been told or what he himself picked up from the 80s.

Pulling out of the nuclear arms treaty and restarting massive military spending is an invitation for Russia to do the same, play the game by America’s rules, and lose once again.

Fox News:

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill Wednesday formalizing Russia’s withdrawal from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty with the United States.

The move follows Washington’s departure from the decades-old agreement that President Trump said Russia had been “violating for many years.” The U.S. gave notice of its intention to withdraw from the pact in February, setting the stage for the treaty to terminate in six months unless Moscow returned to compliance. Moscow responded by suspending its own obligations under the treaty.

Russia’s military is, in fact, going through an intense modernization process. What’s more, they managed to keep their new generation of hypersonic missiles a secret and when they unveiled them at the beginning of the year, they caught everyone by surprise.

On top of that, they’re talking about new missile interception tech.

Unlike Iron Dome in Israel, this Russian stuff seems to work.

That means, going forward, conventional warfare will almost certainly be making a comeback. The 70-year lull that un-interceptable nuclear warheads placed on long-range bombers and subs and intercontinental missiles created will come to an end if all of the sudden mutually assured destruction is no longer so mutual and no longer so assured.

But yeah, the US strategy is basically to outspend Russia.

Ideally, Russia would bow out of that game – in fact, they’re doing everything they can to signal that they’re willing to have talks and to renegotiate a new agreement, but to no avail.

We have to consider that while Russia has been trying to stretch every rouble, the US military industrial complex is built on the assumption that there will always be an infinite supply of money being printed out and spent on overpriced junk.

All this is to say that the second round of the Cold War may not be so cut and dry.

Russia’s actually got a fighting chance here.