Russia Protests Demand That Everyone Who Attends the United Nations Building be Vaxxed Out

The UN building is ugly and satanic
It looks like the monolith from 2001. Coincidence?

Imagine going back to the 1960s and telling Americans that in 2021, Russia would be defending global freedom against Americans trying to force-vaccinate people against a disease that doesn’t exist.

The Guardian:

All diplomats attending the UN general assembly in New York next week will have to provide proof of vaccination, the city government has confirmed, prompting an angry response from Russia.

Delegates must be vaccinated to enter the debate hall, the mayor’s office told the assembly president in a letter dated 9 September.

They must also be vaccinated if they want to eat or exercise indoors, the letter added.

New York began enforcing a vaccine mandate on Monday, requiring proof of at least one shot for many indoor activities, including restaurants and entertainment venues.

The letter signed by New York City’s health commissioner and confirmed by his spokesman said the UN debate hall was classified as a “convention center”, meaning all attendees must be vaccinated.

“They must also show proof of vaccination prior to dining, drinking or exercising indoors on the UN campus, and in order to partake in all of New York City’s wonderful entertainment, dining and fitness activities,” he said.

Russia’s ambassador requested an urgent Thursday meeting of the general assembly to discuss the move.

Vassily Nebenzia wrote to assembly president Abdulla Shahid Wednesday saying he had been “very much surprised and disappointed” by a letter Shahid wrote to members in which he supported the proof of vaccination requirement.

“We strongly object that only people with a proof of vaccination should be admitted to the GA hall,” Nebenzia wrote in the letter seen by AFP.

He described it as “a clearly discriminatory measure”, adding that preventing delegates to access the hall was a “clear violation of the UN charter”.

Yeah, I thought that the UN existed outside of local New York law?

Isn’t the UN building kind of like an embassy, in that it is some kind of sovereign international territory?

The UN is a joke anyway, just like the US government, and nations should protest it.

These people can’t even stop the Philippines from slaughtering drug dealers. They are not a serious group.

The West made this decision to destroy their own selves, to wreck their position on the global stage by behaving like impudent, stupid children. Anyone who takes them seriously is humiliating their own selves.

If Russia, China, and the rest of the countries call their bluff, establish Bitcoin as the global reserve currency, and just stop paying attention to the US, everything on earth will just be normal.