Russia Predicts Economic Collapse as a Result of “The Virus”

It seems like maybe Russia wanted to blame their economic problems on the virus hoax, which is why they went along with it.


Global economic losses from the Covid-19 pandemic could be as much as $10 trillion, the head of the Russian Accounts Chamber, Alexei Kudrin, said this week, blaming the plunge on the health systems’ inadequacy.

“According to various estimates, the losses of the world economy from the pandemic total from $4 trillion to $10 trillion, with the bulk of those losses accounting particularly for budgets of regions and municipalities,” Kudrin stated, adding that the healthcare systems of countries were unprepared for the outbreak.

“Health, social support systems have demonstrated unreadiness for global shocks. Today’s task of state bodies and supervisory agencies at all levels is to draft mechanisms that will enable those systems to become more stable and efficient,” he said.

According to a World Bank report earlier this year, the global economy is now well into the recovering phase, “poised to stage its most robust post-recession recovery in 80 years in 2021.” Authors of the report expect global growth to accelerate to 5.6%, with growth for nearly every region of the world revised upward. The report warned, however, that the “rebound is expected to be uneven across countries, as major economies look set to register strong growth even as many developing economies lag,” still struggling with the virus.

I have no idea what the details of the Russian economic situation are, but it would be logical that if they decided some kind of major collapse was coming that they would embrace the virus hysteria as an explanation for the collapse.

It would be better if people were just honest. But that’s clearly too much to expect.

At least Russia is being more honest than the World Bank?

To be clear, “the virus” didn’t do anything. The looming global economic collapse is a result of government policies.

In actual fact, there is no new virus, they just renamed the flu and then moved a bunch of deaths from cancer and heart attacks (as well as other things) into the “coronavirus deaths” number.

We still have no evidence at all of a new virus or of a pandemic, and it is shocking that people continue to go around talking about it as if it has been established.