Russia Orders People to Come Home as World War Imminent

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) attends a military exercises at the Donguzsky firing range in the Orenburg region, on September 19, 2015. AFP PHOTO / RIA NOVOSTI / ALEXEI NIKOLSKY (Photo credit should read ALEKSEY NIKOLSKYI/AFP/Getty Images)

So, uh.

Looks like a World War is imminent.

And you know, there’s only really one thing I can say about this:

Damn, dawg.

The Sun:

Russia is ordering all of its officials to fly home any relatives living abroad amid rising tensions over the prospect of a new world war, it’s been claimed.

Politicians and high-ranking figures are said to have received a high-level warning from tough guy president Vladimir Putin, according to local media.

The reported call to return to the Motherland – which comes after Putin suddenly cancelled a visit to France – applies to all state employees.

Workers were reportedly told to pull their children out of school immediately, reports the Daily Star.

The top level order applies to administration staff, regional administrators, lawmakers of all levels and employees of public corporations.

Those that do not obey the edict will find the future employment prospects in tatters.

The reason for the urgent recall is unclear but one top analyst said it could be a hint war is on its way.

Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky said: “This is all part of the package of measures to prepare elites to some ‘big war’.”

Russia recently held defence drills for 40 million citizens in apparent preparation for an all-out nuclear war.

And earlier this month, Putin’s ministers announced they had built bunkers capable of housing Moscow’s 14 million people.

They’ve moved nukes into Kaliningrad.


Wall Street Journal:

Russia shipped a sophisticated nuclear-capable missile system toward its territorial exclave bordering Poland, according to Western government officials, introducing a powerful military asset into an already tense region and prompting expressions of concern by allied officials.

A Russian naval ship, according to the officials, was observed carrying an Iskander missile system toward the country’s Kaliningrad port. Kaliningrad is a seaside exclave of Russian territory between Poland and Lithuania.

Iskander missile systems are mobile and carry two solid-propellant single-stage guided missiles. While there are various versions of the system, the guided missiles have a range of between 250 and 310 miles. That would give it access to most of the territory of the Baltic states—Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia—and their southern neighbor, Poland.

Missiles launched from versions of the Iskander system could reach from Kaliningrad well into Germany, U.S. military officials have said. This presents challenges for the American-made NATO missile defense system, which is designed to intercept missiles traveling much longer distances.

This is to say: they could easily nuke Berlin. There is nothing the West can do to stop that.

And yet they continue to poke-poke-poke.

To protect terrorists in Syria. For human rights from barrel bombs.

assad wow just wow

Russia is also aggressively testing ballistic missiles.


The Russian military has test-fired three ballistic missiles in one day, drills that come amid a U.S.-Russian rift over Syria.

The Defense Ministry said a nuclear submarine of the Russian Pacific Fleet launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from the Sea of Okhotsk off Russia’s far east at a military firing range in the northwest on Wednesday.

A Northern Fleet nuclear submarine later fired a missile in the opposite direction from the Barents Sea, in the far north west.

Separately, a ground-based Topol intercontinental ballistic missile was fired from the Plesetsk launch pad in northern Russia at the Kamchatka range in eastern Russia.

Basically, Putin appears to be preparing for a Trump loss. And he appears to know that Hillary has big plans.

Currently, the US/NATO alliance appears to be setting up some kind of fake excuse scenario. Something that will allow them to accuse Russia of being the aggressor. I don’t know if that will be in Syria, the Ukraine or both. They’re creating the conditions in both places.

Weird, wacky stuff, brothers.

I don’t like to be a scaremonger. I always think of that Alex Jones Y2K show whenever I talk about WWIII. So I don’t want to say “welcome to you’re doom.”


But it’s looking very crazy.

Russia is:

  • Recalling children of government officials from foreign countries
  • Doing evacuation drills involving millions of people
  • Moving nukes within range of Berlin
  • Testing ballistic missiles
  • Canceling meetings with Western officials

And the West just keeping pushing them.

The people running our countries appear to be completely unhinged.

They really seem to think this is some kind of joke.

At least there’s this.

Because hey – being on the edge of a nuclear war doesn’t mean you can’t lol.