Russia on Biden: “We are Definitely Not Expecting Anything Good”

Russian honesty is always refreshing on a global stage dominated by liars and fakers.


With less than a month before Joe Biden moves into the White House, Moscow on Wednesday accused the incoming US administration of “Russophobia” after the president-elect promised to punish Russia for a major cyberattack.

Biden is expected to take a tougher stance against Russia than Donald Trump, whose ascent to the US presidency in 2016 was plagued by accusations of Russian interference to boost his campaign.
Russian President Vladimir Putin was one of the last leaders to congratulate Biden on his election victory, sending his congratulatory message six weeks after the November 3 vote and saying he was ready for “collaboration.”

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov, speaking to reporters on Wednesday, said the Kremlin was expecting “nothing positive” in ties with Washington.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov struck a similar note, speaking about Moscow’s expectations from the future US administration.

“We are definitely not expecting anything good,” Ryabkov said in an interview with Interfax news agency. “And it would be strange to expect good things from people, many of whom made their careers on Russophobia and throwing mud at my country.”

Washington has recently accused Russia of a major cyberattack on government agencies — a claim Moscow has denied. Biden on Tuesday said the attack cannot go “unanswered,” promising to retaliate once he steps into office on January 20.

The US president-elect also accused Trump of downplaying the gravity of the attack.

You Jews, frankly, are up-playing not only the gravity of the attack, but the veracity of the initial claim that it happened at all.

The idea that this government should be able to just make claims, present no evidence to support the claim, and be believed without question by the entire media is absurd.

Even if the US government had a good track record with regards to foreign relations, it would be good for the media to be skeptical when reporting that the US government reports that a country has committed an act of war against us.

Needless to say, this government does not have a good track record. In fact, they have spent the last century accusing countries of things they didn’t do in order to start wars.

Biden, if he is really allowed to assume office, is going to be the worst war president ever in history, as his team of lunatic Jews works to complete the New World Order.

Furthermore, Joe Biden is weird, and no normal person would want to be around him just in general.