Russia Needs to Figure Their Shit Out

Masked men arresting women during the midst of a mass protest funded by the CIA = bad optics.

I don’t know what Russia is doing, but they need to figure it out.

There is going to be a lot of serious energy behind this coup now.


Russian police have detained close aides of the jailed Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, whose fans have flooded social media with calls to rally in support of him on Saturday.

Moscow police say any unauthorised demonstrations and provocations will be “immediately suppressed”.

More than 55m people have watched his video about President Vladimir Putin’s alleged luxury Black Sea palace.
The Kremlin denies the property belongs to the president.

Mr Navalny was arrested last Sunday after he flew back to Moscow from Berlin, where he had been recovering from a near-fatal nerve agent attack in Russia last August.

On his return, he was immediately taken into custody and found guilty of violating parole conditions. He says it is a trumped-up case designed to silence him.

Among those detained in Moscow on Thursday were his spokeswoman, Kira Yarmysh, and one of his lawyers, Lyubov Sobol. They face fines or short jail terms.

Ms Sobol, who has a young child, was later released. But Ms Yarmysh has now been jailed for nine days.

Prominent Navalny activists are also being held in the cities of Vladivostok, Novosibirsk and Krasnodar.

They should have never let Navalny in the country.

It would have been so, so, so easy to simply deny him entry at the airport, say his citizenship has been stripped, and sent him back to Germany.

He could whine and whatever. But he wouldn’t have been sitting in a Russian jail, calling for a revolution.

This is moronic. These people need to get some better advisors. They need that now. They need to figure this out.

Mass arrests and clamping down on protests won’t work. It never works during a CIA-incited coup, unless the CIA wants it to work. You have to be smarter than that. You have to get your own people to support you, against the supporters of the foreign threat.

It is extremely unfortunate that Navalny was allowed back in the country and then put in jail. But there are options here. Vladimir Putin remains very popular.

He’s got options. But right now, Russia is right in the sights, and the Jews are foaming at the mouth.

If Russia falls, this is all going to get a lot worse.