Russia Moving Military Convoy to the Ukrainian Border

I can’t find a Russian source on this story, but there is video of Russia apparently moving military vehicles to the Ukrainian border.

But you’ve gotta be careful with neocon publications like the Wall Street Journal:

Russia has begun mobilizing troops along its border with Ukraine, presenting a fresh challenge at the Biden administration and threatening to upend a cease-fire between Ukraine and pro-Russian fighters.

The move follows escalated fighting along the demarcation line inside Ukraine, where one attack last week killed four Ukrainian soldiers and wounded two.

In response, Ukraine said Tuesday it had put its own forces on alert and was reinforcing units in eastern Ukraine and on the border with the Russian-occupied peninsula of Crimea.

While Mr. Biden has wrestled with Kremlin machinations such as a massive suspected Russian hack of U.S. government computer systems and the assessment by U.S. intelligence that Moscow attempted to interfere in the 2020 election, the situation in Ukraine is the first involving movements of Russian troops. Russia has denied meddling in the election and denied responsibility for the hack.

In Washington, a State Department spokesman said the department was discussing the situation with NATO allies.

There is no evidence of Russia hacking anything this time, just like there was no evidence last time. In fact, last time it was virtually admitted that Russia didn’t do any hacking when the company who made the claim was forced to admit they faked a different Russia hack.

Joe Biden has been personally insulting Russia and issuing threats continually.

Vladimir Putin offered to debate him, and his response was that he didn’t have time. I guess everyone knows Biden isn’t going to debate anyone, but his excuse that he doesn’t have time seems like a real insult to the American people. He apparently has time to plan a war against Russia, so claiming he doesn’t have time to talk to the leader of Russia for the purpose of trying to prevent a war seems to be an open admission that he doesn’t care about the lives of American soldiers.

Who knows what’s going to happen. Thus far, Joe Biden’s team has bombed Syria and Iraq and made aggressive gestures towards Russia and China. They’re now blaming China for the coronavirus, as well as apparently trying to bully Japan into agreeing to attack China.

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Of the two countries, China is the bigger threat of course, but ultimately, a war against either country would be a war against both countries, so it doesn’t really matter where the conflict starts.

It’s hard to picture what a third world war would look like, given the existence of nukes, along with so much other high technology. Probably, what we’re going to see is small scale conflicts in the Middle East, maybe in the Ukraine, maybe somewhere in Asia (Burma? China-Indian border?) as ZOG tries to cause Russia and China to collapse internally from pressure.

Russia is not in a good spot in terms of preventing internal collapse. Those Alexi Navalny protests looked very big, and the whole thing was dealt with in the dumbest way possible. China, on the other hand, is very internally stable, despite twenty years of claims that the country was on the verge of collapse.

One thing is clear: stirring up public hate of China is a lot easier than stirring up public hate of Russia, and that is definitely going to play a factor. American society is extremely unstable already, so the government is definitely going to want to keep anti-war sentiment to a minimum. Liberals will probably support any war to spread their ideology, while the right would likely be against a war that focused on Russia. Everyone will support war on China. From what I’ve seen, the anti-China propaganda is working very well, across all sectors.

The most obvious thing at this point would be to heat up Syria, and then start claiming that the Chinese are “arming terrorists to kill Americans.”

China is indeed getting more involved in the region, attempting to create stability after the US destroyed the place. They want to run their trade routes through the area, and it’s no good for trade if it’s just a bunch of US-backed terrorism everywhere.

This is from yesterday:

That makes more sense than doing the Ukraine.

But Russia isn’t moving all of these troops for no reason.

The other factor is that the NATO people are still fixated on Russia, and don’t really seem to think much about China. NATO is ultimately an American project, but it certainly has its own people with their own agendas.

Here’s the real question: why can’t we all just get along?