Russia Massively Upping Presence in Syria

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 22, 2015

russia jet

This happening is virtually as interesting as the invasion happening.

Perhaps even more interesting.

We are about to reach happening singularity, as all happenings collide and become one happening.


Russia rapidly increased its aerial attack capabilities in Syria over the weekend, U.S. officials told AFP Monday, including 28 combat planes that have been sighted at a new Russian airbase in the Syrian province of Latakia.

The fleet includes 12 SU-24 attack aircraft, 12 SU-25 ground attack aircraft and four Flanker fighter jets, the officials told the news agency on condition of anonymity. An influx of new weaponry was also reported separately by the New York Times and CNN.

One of the officials told AFP of the additional presence of around 20 combat helicopters and said Russian forces are flying surveillance drones over the Middle Eastern nation’s airspace.

According to the New York Times, Russia’s military presence in Syria also includes at least three surface-to-air missiles, nine tanks and around 500 marines.

“The equipment and personnel just keep flowing in,” another official told the Times. “They were very busy over the weekend.”

Reports of the new aircraft emerged soon after U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter held talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu on Friday. They discussed concerns that the two forces might inadvertently clash with each other as a U.S. led-coalition continues its airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) militant group.


There is absolutely no way that this won’t happen.

Russia is defending Assad, the US is bombing Assad.

I don’t need to be a military strategist or a mathematician to work that one out.

Israel is also concerned, and Netanyahu went to Moscow.


Israel and Russia have agreed to coordinate military actions over Syria in order to avoid accidentally trading fire, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during a visit to Moscow.

Recent Russian reinforcements for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which regional sources say include warplanes and anti-aircraft systems, worry Israel, whose jets have on occasion bombed the neighbouring Arab country to foil suspected handovers of advanced arms to Assad’s Lebanese ally Hezbollah.

Briefing Israeli reporters after he met Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, Netanyahu said he had come with the goal of “prevent[ing] misunderstandings between IDF [Israeli army] units and Russian forces” in Syria, where Assad is fighting rebels in a civil war.

Netanyahu added that he and Putin “agreed on a mechanism to prevent such misunderstandings”. He did not elaborate. There was no immediate comment from the Kremlin.

Would be interested to know the details of that conversation.


Meanwhile, Mossad-ISIS just bombed the Russian embassy in Damascus.


The Foreign Ministry statement characterized the attack as a terrorist act by Syrian rebels.

“We expect a clear position in regard of this terrorist act from all members of the international community, including regional parties,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Monday. “This requires not only words, but also concrete actions.”

The statement continued, “a mortar attack on the Russian Embassy was carried from the district of Dzhobar where the anti-government militants are. They did not identify themselves as ‘Islamic state,’ but have external sponsors, who are responsible for influencing the illegal armed groups.”

I think the US is basically going to back-down on the whole thing, probably keep giving money to ISIS but otherwise try and chill out.

But the Jews? I don’t know. Netanyahu wouldn’t purposefully bomb a Russian military installation and then call the US for help, would he?

What are the possible outcomes of this situation?

Putin is obviously all in at this point.