Russia: Lesbian Family Featured in Grocery Store Ad Move to Barcelona After Online Backlash

This is awesome.

Good on Russia!


An LGBT family who faced a backlash after being featured in an advert for a popular upmarket Russian grocery store has migrated to Barcelona with the intention of starting a “new life” away from the spotlight and online abuse.

Writing on Instagram, Yuma, the mother of two daughters, wrote that her family is now “safe” and “resting,” thanking those who gave them “support.”

“Thanks to you, we did not give up,” she wrote.

In June, grocery chain VkusVill published an article titled “Recipes for Family Happiness,” featuring Yuma, her daughters Mila and Alina, along with Alina’s fianceé Ksyusha. In the video, they explained that they are vegan, and enjoy eating the supermarket’s food, such as hummus.

If you let perverts wiggle their way in, it does not take long before they are demanding access to your children.

That is no longer a matter of debate, it is simply a fact.

In America, homosexuals are literally, openly demanding access to other people’s children in order to turn them into homosexuals.

No one can make the argument anymore that you should just be nice to these people and let them do their thing. It does not work. Just like Jews and feminism, if you tolerate it at all, they keep demanding more and more.

You simply cannot negotiate with evil.

Fags doom nations because God hates fags.

It’s possible that these dyke lesbos are just trying to make a scene, but it was very clear that Russians took issue.

Russia needs to investigate the relationship between veganism and the gay agenda, and probably start forcing vegans to eat delicious pork.