Russia Kookspiracy Hoax has Discredited the Jewish Media Among Both the Political Right and Political Left

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
March 26, 2019

After two years of the Jewish media pushing the insane Russia kookspiracy hoax, there are now even fewer people who trust anything they have to say.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Russia kookspiracy hoax being exposed is how it has totally discredited the Jewish media across the entire political spectrum. It’s no longer just people on the political right calling out the Jewish media for fake news. There are now lots of people on the political left who are actively calling them out for their bullshit and lies.

Historically speaking, the Jewish media was already discredited among much of the political right. It was widely known that their coverage mostly favored Democrats over Republicans. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and eventual presidency pushed this media bias into overdrive. Their rabid hatred of Trump was incredibly transparent. And because of that, you are now hard pressed to find anybody on the political right who trusts anything these people report. The Trump presidency and the resulting “fake news” meme ensured that.

In their quest to control if not destroy Trump’s presidency, the Jewish media spent the past two years pushing this deranged Russia kookspiracy hoax narrative. This further discredited them among the political right as it only served to reinforce the “fake news” meme. But at the same time, they were giving false hope to Trump-hating leftists. They sold them this idea that Bob Mueller’s report was going to bring down the Trump presidency. This did not happen and now you have lots of people in the anti-Trump crowd who regularly watched the Jewish cable networks of CNN and MSNBC left confused and angry.

There’s been a small group of journalists and progressive pundits on the political left who were accurately calling out the Russia hoax for what it was. Despite the fact that we have a wide variety of political disagreements with these people, their analysis of the Russia hoax was logical and mirrored much of what we were reporting. They just viewed the Russia hoax as a stupid way to attack Trump because it wasn’t based on any evidence. They also felt that this method of attack risked giving Trump a major political victory. They were proven right and their credibility among the political left has been greatly boosted because of it.

Glenn Greenwald discussed some of this with Tucker Carlson last night and specifically called out MSNBC for actively feeding people disinformation.

Even though Greenwald is a Jew himself, he along with several other leftists were actually accused of being Russian agents by MSNBC pundit Malcolm Nance because they did not believe the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory. Considering that MSNBC was dead wrong on this subject, these stupid claims have only further discredited them.

Jimmy Dore, a comedian with progressive political leanings, recently put out a series of videos on his YouTube channel openly mocking the various pundits on CNN and MSNBC as they reacted to the news that Mueller found no Trump-Russia collusion. What’s interesting is that many of the people he mocks in these videos are Jews – Carl Bernstein, Rachel Maddow, Jeffrey Toobin among others. He even mentions how we should have been looking into Israel and not Russia if there was a real concern with a foreign power interfering in America’s political system. He’s certainly not wrong on that point.

Dore has also published other videos that are explicitly anti-Israel in nature. Recently he interviewed the anti-Israel Jew Norman Finkelstein who is probably best known for writing a book critical of how Jews went about exploiting their ridiculous Holocaust lampshade hoax for shekels.

In this video, Dore and Finkelstein discuss how Benjamin Netanyahu is a horrible Jewish supremacist.

The point to all of this is that there is now a significant group of independent progressive political pundits who have no trust in the corporate Jewish media and are highly skeptical of Israel. They may have different reasons for their distrust, but the distrust is there. And while they are not openly identifying the Jewish race as the key underlying problem, they are discussing topics that the mainstream Jewish power structure can’t be comfortable with.

There are now even fewer people across the political landscape that have any trust in the corporate Jewish media. Their endless promotion of this Russia hoax has made sure of that. And as they double down on even more bizarre and deranged conspiracy theories to justify their original conspiracy theory, there will be a further erosion of trust.

The end result is that more people on the political left are going to start seeking out these alternative progressive voices. But because some of these people are talking about subjects that are unfavorable to the Jewish establishment, it is very likely that you will start to see them censored by the big social media sites. You’ll see these anti-establishment progressives slowly purged from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube just like the anti-establishment political right was.

Trump might have abandoned his MAGA agenda and replaced it with a MIGA agenda, but his presidency has accomplished one very positive thing. It has served both directly and indirectly to destroy the people’s trust in the corporate Jewish media.