Russia Kicks ZOG in the Face While It’s Down, Mocking the US as Taliban Installs President and Renames Country

The goal of the American military in Afghanistan was to force the population into accepting a total surrender of young boys’ anuses and brutal domination under vaginal overlords.

Then their goal was to surrender without humiliation.

Everything has been a total failure, and this is quite clearly a sign of an Empire in Total Decline.

Of course, sitting here, knowing what we know about the wiles of the Jews who run this Evil Empire, we have to wonder if this is not a part of some long-term fakeout.

Russia assures us this is not the case.


The fall of Kabul to the Taliban was not part of a grand political strategy, but a result of the failure of America’s intervention in Afghanistan, a top Russian official has announced, as Moscow says US supremacy is fading away.

President Vladimir Putin’s special envoy on the troubled Central Asian nation, Zamir Kabulov, told the Echo of Moscow radio station on Sunday that Washington was trying to make the chaotic events look like a deliberate approach. “I think those behind these kinds of notions are trying to justify the failure of the Americans in Afghanistan and to make the case that this is a planned action,” he said. Instead, he argued, the belief had been that the US-trained Afghan army would be able to hold out against the Taliban for some time yet.

Footage emerging from Kabul showed fighters taking over government buildings and sitting at the desk of the president, Ashraf Ghani, who announced he had fled hours earlier to neighboring Uzbekistan. Ghani said his decision was made in an effort to “avoid bloodshed.”

Them bois in your crib, dawg!

What them bois up to in der???

What a great day for Russia.

They’re as smug as a bug in a rug.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the Russian Embassy in the UK said that “the objective reality is that Washington’s comfortable position of US hegemony is receding into the past against the backdrop of the strengthening political positions of Russia and China.”

Moscow has sought to position itself as a deal-broker in Afghanistan. While the French, British and American consular missions have been shuttered, with staff relocating to the NATO-held airport, Russia’s embassy has remained in operation. On Monday, Moscow’s ambassador in Kabul said that the Afghan soldiers that usually guarded the premises had been replaced by Taliban fighters. According to Kabulov, who heads a department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow is ready to work with the militant group to deliver a transitional government.

Earlier this month, the diplomat said that the majority of the Taliban were now tired of fighting and, with US forces gone, ready for a peaceful settlement. “According to our estimates,” he said, “around two-thirds of this movement, including its top leadership, are committed to the idea of a political solution to the Afghan crisis.” Taliban representatives have visited Moscow in recent weeks for peace talks.

Well, the political solution is already here.

The government has totally surrendered, and the Taliban has just installed their own president and renamed the country.

Ratty Jews are whining that this is all Donald Trump’s fault.

But where is even the fault?

“Nigga, you mad? I thought that you’d be happy I made it. I’m that cat in the palace toastin’ to Sharia Law. You that faggot-ass Jew tryin’ to pull me back, right?”

And in the end, it was a bloodless revolution.

At time of writing, they’re talking about 3 people dying at the airport.

That was probably just normal crowd control.

Or maybe some skank or bacha bazi boy fell off the wings of a plane after trying to catch a ride.

They’re saying that’s happening.

Others are saying the ZOGbots shot them while they were fleeing.

They are fleeing.

Watch them fleeing!



I hate to do it, but I have to post cringe millennial indie rock.

Whatever the case – it’s not the Taliban’s blood.

They’ve been totally peaceful.

The anal ends now.

The Taliban laid in wait for twenty years, biding their time, then when the day came, Muhammed nudged Muhammed’s sleeping shoulder with the butt of his Kalashnikov and said, “get up, Muhammed. The pigs are fleeing. We’re riding to Kabul, by Allah.”

It was like nothing at all.

Please note that there is no power struggle. There are no competing factions. There is just the Taliban, the natural representatives of the people.

As soon as the US surrendered, the people peacefully reordered themselves, in the natural fashion.

You would have thought the men who took the palace were on Xanax, they were so emotionless and peaceful. But they were simply well aware that the inevitable had come. There was no need to celebrate, because there was nothing surprising about what had occurred. It was a mechanical process, like sweeping out a gutter or burning the rotting corpse of a dead hooker.

As calm as the dew collecting on blades of grass in a spring meadow.

I am much more excited than them bois.

In this moment, I am ecstatic.

This is the order of nature, reasserting itself, as the evil forces of the Jews fall away.

Remember that: nature is nature, and it is there, waiting for us. The only thing holding back order are the chaos troops of the Jews.

There is hope. There is a future after Jews. It is tranquil and clean.

Obviously, white people are not the Taliban, and we have our own natural, static order. But when the Jews are ejected from our own lands, it will be the same as in Afghanistan: the order of nature will reassert itself.

Someday, you will see the scene we saw in the president’s palace in Afghanistan in the White House. They will be looking just as peaceful, just as relaxed and in control.

As the Jews, faggots, and whores flee, a gang of armed white men will declare Nick Fuentes the new President of America.