Russia: Khabib Tells the People to Fear the Flu and Continue to Stay Locked Inside

The same thing is happening in Russia with Vladimir Putin that was happening in America with Donald Trump before Trump went full retard flu hoaxer: the enemies of the leader are promoting the flu hoax to cause economic and social destruction so they can blame the leader and turn the people against him.

Putin has been taking a very realistic view on the flu, and has tried to get the country out of lockdown. Meanwhile, Islamo-celebs are telling the people to fear the virus because it’s going to kill them and to support the lockdown.


UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has spoken out in a message to his fellow countrymen, begging them to stay safe and listen to the medical advice from the nation’s doctors to beat the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking in a video post on Instagram in his native Russian, Khabib said, “I want to address my fellow Dagestanis in regard to this virus.

“The situation is rough in Dagestan, very sad. Hospitals are over-full, a lot of people got sick, many died. We need to unite, now more than ever, to show our manhood, our character, our discipline.

“We can only beat this virus if we stand united. We have to listen to the doctors, their demands because they know best.

“They want us to be healthy. They want hospitals to not (get) overrun because there are no beds there, they lack equipment and medicine.”

“It’s not just Dagestan or all of Russia,” he explained. “The whole world wasn’t ready for this. Who would’ve thought 3-4 months ago that billions of people would have to stay home and hide from this virus? The only way to solve this problem is self-isolation.

“Many died,” he says.

In Dagestan.

How many, Khabib?

Because fewer than 3,000 have died in all of Russia combined.

And what percentage of the Russian population is Dagestan?


So if they got an equal portion of the deaths, that would be 60 dead. If they are some kind of hotspot – which I can find no information about in English, and which I find highly unlikely, since they’re in the far south of Russia – they would at most have a couple hundred dead.

The idea that the hospitals are overwhelmed is also obviously just an outright lie. Hospitals have not been overwhelmed anywhere on earth, except one city in Italy months ago. The idea of going out there now and saying this is some crisis and it’s really important that people stay home can only possibly be malicious.

What’s more, I’ve not seen one masculine male promoting this hoax – even among the stupid. Whining and being scared of a virus is just not something that lines up with any conception of manhood. The typical response for a man who is ill being asked if he is ill by a woman is “nah, I’ll be alight.” The man then keeps on going until he collapses.

Imagine John Wayne wearing a mask and locking himself in his house, telling people how scared he was of a virus.

All of this fear is women and men with destroyed endocrine systems, due to fatness and other problems, which cause them to behave and think like women.

So as a masculine guy, Khabib can only be promoting this nonsense disingenuously.

I was never even really opposed to this guy. I knew he was a Moslem and a Dagestani, so probably just generally hated white Christians, but whatever, he was born that way. He’s a good fighter, and Conor McGregor, who is an arrogant, money-grubbing scumbag of the worst sort, got what he deserved.

But it is clear here that he is part of an organized disinformation campaign by anti-Putin forces in Russia to cause serious economic damage in order to lay the groundwork for a revolution against Putin, at which point they will install a New Ukraine style government of women, homosexuals and Israeli spies.

Across the world, this hoax is being used to destroy Christian authority and Christian society and to promote a satanic agenda.