Russia: Jew Woman Goes Nuts on the Bus, Threatens to Ritually Murder Goyim at the Synagogue

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2019

This video is old, but it’s been going around on social media and I hadn’t seen it before.

This is somewhere in Russia or the Ukraine. On a bus.

A Jewish woman is screaming at the riders and threatening to kill them in a Jewish ritual in the synagogue with her rabbi.

I’ll just write the whole transcript.

Hold on.

I’m botta write this whole thing.

Give me a second, gotta get pumped for it.


Jew woman: Goyim! You’re all goyim!

Bus rider: That’s terrible. The whole bus has to sit and listen to you. We will record it.

Jew woman: Goyim! These are goyim! Goyim! Goyim, Damn goyim! You are goyim! Goyim – is it clear? Is this clear to you all? What “easy”? What “easy,” goy?! You’re goyim! You’re goyim! You are goyim! Azohen vey! [More Yiddish]

Bus rider: Call the cops! Listen, Bitch… Call the cops!

Jew woman: Call them! Do it! Go do it! We’ll see who wins! Go do it!

Bus rider: Need to tell the driver to call the cops…

Jew woman: I’m a Jewess, I will slaughter every one of you! You raise your paws at me, on a Jewess, you would put your paws on me and I would slaughter all of you!

Bus rider: You are a kikess, not a Jewess!  Kikes, not Jews, remember that, bitch!

Jew woman: I will kill you!

Bus rider: Kike, not Jew, understand?

Jew woman: We are the kikes, we will kill you, you get it?

Bus rider: There are no Jews. You have always been kikes.

Jewish woman: I’ll tear you into meat! You’re all meat! I’ll tear you into meat! You are bastards. You think I understand something? I understand nothing. I’ll tear you apart! Let’s try! Come here, come over here!

Bus rider: Somebody spit in her face.

Jewish woman: Come over here! Come over! I’ll crucify you in the synagogue! You understand? I’ll crucify you in the synagogue! Our rabbis will tear out your guts! You got that? You’ve worked me into such a state. Is this good? I’ll go to the synagogue and complain to my rabbi! The rabbis will tear you all apart! We’ll see what happens when rabbi Shepelman (?) learns about all this! He pushes around Putin just like that! That rabbi controls all the Jews.

Are you out of your mind? We’ll see what happens when Rabbi Shepelman comes and we see what happens. We will play, we will play well. And they’ll tear you apart like meat. If I call Rabbi Shepelman, all of Israel (people not state) will kick you around. All of Israel, all of the Jewish nation will tear you all apart. All the Jews will be here, they will tear apart everyone, no one will live!

You will see. We will see who kills whom. We will see.

Okay, so. The woman is clearly insane. I’m not going to claim that she is some representative of normal Jews, because obviously she is not.

However, talking about rabbis slaughtering people and ripping their bodies apart at a synagogue is a very specific thing.

All of us who have grown up in an urban environment have seen crazy Christian people (white and black) rambling about religious things, but I have never heard or heard of an insane Christian street-ranter talk about taking people to the church so the priest can crucify them and rip their bodies apart.

You wouldn’t hear a mentally unstable Asian person talking about how the monks are going to rip you apart at a Buddhist temple. You wouldn’t even hear a Moslem talking about killing and dismembering people in a mosque. And Moslems are the best comparison, because they constantly go on unhinged rants and threaten to murder people – usually in the context of religion. There are all kinds of videos of that online. But never have I ever heard a ranting Moslem talk about crucifying and dismembering people at a mosque, or doing any kind of violence in a mosque.

Crazy or not, the woman in the video is describing something too specific to be merely the product of an unstable mind.

She is talking about Jewish religious ritual torture and murder, which we have known for a thousand years does indeed take place inside of their synagogues.

The Jews call this “blood libel,” but for some reason, every single group they’ve ever lived among has accused them of doing it.

The earliest existing recording is in the Suda, a tenth century Byzantine encyclopedia, wherein it is recorded that a Greek found that “every seven years the Jews captured a stranger, brought him to the temple in Jerusalem, and sacrificed him, cutting his flesh into bits.”

So the earliest recording happens to describe exactly what this woman is talking about doing to riders on this bus.

They were then accused of this all throughout Europe, constantly. And in Britain. And as far as Iran, where hundreds of years ago they wouldn’t have been aware of what was going on with Jews in Europe and England. Jews have also been accused of doing this in New York and other parts of America – all the way up through the 20th century.

In 2005, a bunch of members of the Russian parliament accused Jews of this behavior.

Go read the Wikipedia page on “blood libel.” They list off a hundred different accusations, coming from literally everywhere Jews have ever lived.

They open up the Wiki page by claiming that Jews can’t be doing this because drinking human blood is against their religion. Well. Is it? Do people even know what their religion is? Of course people do not know. Everything is a secret. And certainly, they are not going to publicly admit that ritually murdering Christians and drinking their blood is a part of their religious practice. No one who did that would publicly admit to doing it.

I believe it was more likely than not true every time anyone accused them of it. And it was presumably thousands upon thousands of other times when they either didn’t get caught or were able to destroy the records of having been caught. That is part of their entire “blood libel” meme – they demand that records of people accusing them of it, or of them getting caught doing it, be burned.

We know for a fact it was true at least some of the time.

A Jewish Israeli author, Ariel Toaff (son of the chief rabbi of Rome), actually published a book in 2007 entitled “Passovers of Blood” proving definitively that Jews on several occasions during the Middle Ages absolutely engaged in this act.

It is weird and difficult to think about this, but it is important to understand that Jews are literally satanic, and that anything you ever hear about a satanic ritual or a satanic cult is somehow a spinoff of the Jewish religion.

Most horror movies dealing with satanic cults are made by Jews.

One came out last year called “Hereditary,” written and directed by the Jew Ari Aster.

I didn’t watch it, because I don’t watch those sorts of things anymore, as I believe it can leave a kind of taint on you, seeing those images. But I read the Wikipedia summary. It is all straight out of the Jewish Kabbalah, even using the traditional Jewish names of demons that they summon up in their human sacrifice cannibal rituals.

The same Jew writer-director has a movie coming out this summer about a satanic cult in Sweden, and it appears to feature ritual cannibalism in the trailer.

You can go on forever with this.

But the bottom line that you need to understand is that the Jews are literally a satanic force, and it is satan that drives them. They are inhuman, monstrous creatures which as a point of fact and of general principle absolutely must be completely exterminated if goodness, godliness and anything true is to continue to exist in the world of men.

And I mean that absolutely.

They pollute everything that they are able to get their evil fingers into with an otherworldly demonic taint.

There can be no negotiation and there can be no mercy.

It is the will of God that they be eradicated like insects.

And as long as that is our mission, the hand of God Himself will keep us.

Deus Vult.