Russia Jet: Airlines Says “External Force” Responsible

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2015

There is little new information on Russia jet, save that it is now being reported that the plane split in half in the air. This means that something had to have exploded, though it is being said that due to maintenance failure, it is possible that the fuel tank exploded. This would explain why it crashed from such a high altitude.

Interestingly (or perhaps not), the jet company itself is claiming that it had to have been some type of terrorism or shootdown.

I don’t personally believe these opinions are particularly valuable, given that the airline company obviously has a financial incentive to blame anything other than themselves for this tragedy – similar to the way Egypt has a vested interest in blaming the airline company.

The real evidence will come from the government of Russia, which has said virtually nothing so far.

Nonetheless, this is newsworthy.


The Russian passenger jet that crashed in Sinai, Egypt, must have been damaged by a force in flight and couldn’t have just broken apart, the airline of the ill-fated Airbus A321 said. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has urged an end to speculation until the investigation is complete.

“It would be wrong to articulate any preliminary guesses or voice statements that are not based on anything,” said Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for the Russian president, on Monday. “Let the investigators produce at least some results first.”

It so nice how Russian officials act like adults, in contrast with the idiot child behavior demonstrated by virtually the entire Western establishment.

At some point in history this was different, almost the opposite. Now it is like the child has grown up, and the adult has gone into senility.

Just comparing this to the MH17 situation – it’s like night and day.

The Guardian, 4 days after the shootdown of MH17
The Guardian, 4 days after the shootdown of MH17

Before any inspection at all had been done of the crash site, John Kerry, along with many other Western officials, were claiming that Putin was personally responsible, even alluding to the possibility he ordered the plane shot down on purpose.

The crew of Kolavia Flight 7K9268 was apparently disabled before the aircraft started its rapid descent and crashed in the Sinai Peninsula on Saturday, Viktor Yung, deputy director of the airline told the media on Monday.

“As the catastrophic incident started to develop, the crew members were rendered completely incapable. This explains why they didn’t attempt to contact air traffic and report the incident happening on board,” he said.

This doesn’t really make sense, seemingly unnecessarily cryptic.

Is he suggesting that the crew was poisoned? Hit with an electromagnetic beam? What are the possible options for what “rendered completely incapable” means?

The airline doesn’t believe human error could have been the cause of the disaster either, citing the experience of its captain and other crewmembers.

“We are certain that neither technical malfunction nor pilot error” can be blamed for the disaster, Aleksandr Smirnov, who supervises the company’s fleet, said.

The company believes that serious structural damage by an external force may have caused the crash.

“The only possible explanation is a mechanical force acting on the aircraft,” Smirnov said. “There is no combination of system failures that could have broken the plane apart in the air.”

The only one appears to be that the central fuel tank combusted. I am obviously by no means qualified to comment on the likelihood of this.

The company gave assurances that the crashed Airbus had passed all necessary tests, including a check for metal fatigue in 2014, an inspection that must be done every six years.

…Investigators said they were looking into all possible causes of the crash, including human error, technical failure and foul play.

The situation is expected to become clearer after the data is recovered from the plane’s flight recorders. They were recovered from the crash site and are “in good condition” Vladimir Puchkov, the head of Russia’s Emergencies Ministry told the media on Monday, after inspecting the devices. Egypt is to decide where the analysis of the records will be conducted, since according to international rules it is responsible for investigating the crash.

That’s potentially problematic, though I imagine Russia is probably capable of leveraging Egypt.

Egyptians have claimed there is no evidence of explosives, RT reports:

There are no traces of explosives on the plane parts examined by specialists, a source in Cairo told RIA Novosti.

But again, they have vested interests. Tourism is big money for a poor country, and there are other reasons a country wouldn’t want to be known as a place where passenger planes get blown up by terrorists.

The US has also announced they don’t think it is terrorism.

The US intelligence community says it has determined “with high confidence” that the crashed Russian airplane wasn’t exposed to any external influence (i.e. a missile attack or mid-air collision with another object) that could have caused “the structural failure” of the aircraft. This opinion is based on photos and video footage from the crash site, CBS news reports, citing intel community sources.

That analysis is also of almost no value, save that it indicates where the US wants this to go. You don’t have to be an expert in the field to know that draw conclusions based on these photographs is a joke. If anything, the crash looks like a bombing, even though it might not be, due to the fact the plane was split in half and wreckage scattered everywhere. Going on the photos alone, if you were honest, you’d determine that there is a good chance of it having been a bombing.

The US government are a bunch of childlike liars and snakes.

I’m going to keep the same odds as I gave yesterday, and say it’s probably 60/40, favoring accident.

We have to wait on the Russian investigators.

It would be in the interests of Russia to say ISIS did this. However, I am rather confident that they are going to be straightforward and honest in their report.