Russia is Warming Up, Tropical Hyperborea Beckons!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2019

Man-made Global Warming may be a hoax, but I wish that it wasn’t.

So… let’s just assume for a minute it isn’t.

Literally every single northern country stands to benefit from the globe getting hotter by a couple of degrees. Southern countries, on the other hand – we’re talking about vast swaths of the Third World here – are going to be completely and absolutely BTFO.

The Era of the Northman is upon us.

Clearly, the globalists know this. 

They know that Northern Eurasia is about to become a new tropical Hyperborea, and they are trying to move as many of their precious nigger pets into the burgeoning paradise.

I, for one, am tired of freezing my ass off for half a year, every year, because I have spent my entire life in one northern city after another.

I, for one, welcome the increase in temperatures that will hopefully continue as we near the end of the Holocene.

And you know who else welcomes it? 

Vladimir Putin and most of Russia – where everyone is sick of living in the coldest country on the entire planet.

Literally no one is jumping on the whole MK Ultra-inspired Greta Thunberg Doomsday Cult in Russia as of yet. The CIA has to rely on mystery-meat homosexuals and a shrill media hype campaign to try and shame Russia into eating bugs and buying Teslas.


For 30 Fridays on the trot, a young Russian violinist has stood in central Moscow in a one-person protest.

The sign is in Russian. It reads: “I am a huge faggot.”

Arshak Makichyan is not picketing about free elections, police violence or political prisoners. His big concern is the planet and his inspiration is Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

“This is about our future,” the 24-year-old explains, echoing the teenage campaigner. He says he began to read about climate change after seeing her protests, and realised the threat.

“Russia is the world’s fourth biggest emitter of greenhouse gases and our government won’t act without pressure. So it’s important to strike for the climate.”

But it seems many Russians have a problem with Greta.

As if the whole world isn’t absolutely sick of Greta and it’s only the Russians who can’t stand looking at her lipless potato face.

They couldn’t have chosen a more unsympathetic brand ambassador if they tried.

Presenters and commentators on state TV channels have mocked the climate activist relentlessly, even cruelly.

They must be referencing this Putin quip where he points out that clearly, adults are using Greta for their own nefarious political agenda.

In all seriousness, Putin was pretty polite considering what an absolutely loathsome little brat Greta is.

Social media users have insulted her and this week President Vladimir Putin patronised the teenager, suggesting someone should “explain” just how the adult world works. “I’m sure Greta is a kind and very sincere girl,” he added.

There’s a lot of talk of mysterious forces “controlling” her and column inches asking the eternal Russian question “who benefits” from her activism.

Yeah, the Russians haven’t forgotten how to ask “cui bono?”

I guess the kikes are almost ready to start saying that this sage advice of the ancients is yet another example of White Supremacist thinking that must be banned if we are to have a truly progressive and free Human Rights Democracy.

It is possible they just don’t get it.

Environmental activism is not big in Russia, where many feel they have more pressing things to fret about. High prices, poverty and corruption all regularly top the lists of concerns, way above climate change.

Then there’s the fact that politicians often hail the economic benefits of global warming: opening up the Northern Sea Route, for example, for both shipping and energy exploration in the Arctic. 

Russia is a major fossil fuel exporter, of course.

And the idea of getting warmer is unlikely to worry people too much – not in a country where for half of the year your nostril hairs freeze as soon as you step into the street.

There are going to be seaside summer resorts on the White Sea in 10 years.

I’d invest in some real estate there if I had any shekels to spare.

Russia seems to be waking up, belatedly, to the threat.

But climate protester Arshak Makichyan believes the harsh reaction to Greta Thunberg suggests the authorities are anxious not to be pushed into action.

“I think they’re afraid the climate protests will grow here and they can’t argue with the science,” the young violinist says. “They’re attacking Greta, because that’s easier.”

The Friday pickets are still tiny. Some 700 people joined in at their peak, over several dozen cities. 

This climate hysteria is actually a very good tool that can be added to the toolbox of CIA color revolutionaries to get naive and concerned youngsters out onto the streets, only to be beaten up by low-IQ police with clubs and then used as propaganda against the state by the Western MSM – which they do literally every time they want to effect regime change anywhere and convince TV-watching Boomers to support it.

But if Russia can stay the course for at least 15 more years, the West will collapse and then a new Golden Age of Miami-style northern beach resorts will await us all!