Russia is Prosecuting Old School Spies While Ignoring the Bigger Issue of Western Social Media

All journalists are de facto intelligence agents, and I’m happy to see that Russia is addressing this issue.

They’ve arrested and held some faggoty looking Antifa “journalist” for being a spy, and the Western media is whining.


A former Russian newspaper journalist accused of treason says state investigators have still not told him exactly what his alleged crime was, over six months after his arrest.

Ivan Safronov, 30, covered military affairs as a reporter before starting work at Russia’s space agency last May. He was detained last July and is being held in prison, accused of passing military secrets to the Czech Republic.

“They say I committed a crime in 2017, but they don’t say exactly what I did – they tell me to remember,” Safronov said in an interview published on Monday by Kommersant newspaper, where he used to work.

“I spent three months trying to dig up something on myself, but I haven’t remembered any crimes,” he said in written responses to questions submitted by the daily.

The Kremlin declined comment on Safronov’s remarks. It said it was up to Russia’s courts to review the case.

Safronov … suggested the accusations were linked to his acquaintance with a Czech journalist he met in Moscow in 2010.

When the Czech left Russia at the end of a work assignment, he set up a pay-to-view information agency for other media outlets containing analysis and press digests, Safronov said.

Yes, yes. It’s all real.

In America, things are slightly different, as journalists are working for the state to do intelligence work against the domestic population that the cops can’t get away with doing. American journalists move in and out of intelligence work, through a “revolving door,” and this is looked at as normal.

We saw this when the “Fusion GPS” group put together the “dirty dossier” on Donald Trump – that organization was founded by three former journalists from the Wall Street Journal.

Furthermore, in America, journalists do the dirty work that it is technically illegal for cops to do. Journalists will investigate people using tactics that are illegal for the state to use, and then they will either publish the information publicly, or turn it over privately to the cops.

Furthermore, American intelligence has a network set up across the planet to work with local journalists, who do dirty work for them. Often, it is through an intermediary state like the Czech Republic.

I have no doubt about what has gone on here: the CIA sent a Czech intelligence agent posing as a journalist to make contact with this Russian journalist. Then the Russian journalist fed info to the Czech journalist, who then turned it over to American intelligence.


All of this sort of intrigue is very “cold war chic,” and Russians don’t really seem to understand that it isn’t that big of a deal anymore.

The big deal is what is going on with social media, where American intelligence is able to speak directly to the population of Russia, and get masses of people involved in their agendas, such as in this current Alexi Navalny revolutionary agenda.

Russia needs to shift their focus from this “oh, there’s a spy passing information” stuff from the 70s and 80s to the larger issue of the fact that their entire youth population is being openly and publicly brainwashed by American social media companies. Whatever this journalist in question was turning over to the Czech Republic and then the Americans was probably not really very important at all in the larger scope of things.

What is important is the fact that via social media, the West has incited a mass protest movement inside of Russia.

That is what the Russian intelligence services need to focus their attention on, and the obvious solution is to shut down access to these applications.

Russian intelligence needs to get it together. They need to bring in younger people, who are intelligent and patriotic, and understand the game that is being played here.

They need to do that quickly. We need game theory on steroids if we’re going to right this sinking ship. We need the social media shut off and we need fashion marketed to women that makes them think that supporting the Russian government is trendy. We need to show the Western women as disgusting fat pigs, who no one thinks is pretty, and we need to show that they abuse their sons by injecting them with hormones.

And then just do some big gesture to get the soccer hooligans on your side. It’s not hard. They’re not very smart. I could lay out ten different ways to make that happen. I’m not going to, for obvious reasons, but there are people in your country you can call on who can figure this out.

We need to snap, snap, snap – get this rolling yesterday.

Come on, Putin.

This isn’t rocket science.

And it’s not just Russia that hangs in the balance here – it’s the entirety of Western Christendom.

Get it together, man.