Russia is Instituting a Full-On Anti-Witch Program for Satanic Sluts! (Note: Long Article)

Previously: 10 Months of Prison for Couple Who Did Oral Sex Video in Front of St. Basil’s Cathedral

This is the third case of Russian women doing porn in front of churches in as many weeks – that I’ve heard of.

What is this, if not a satanic attack?


Saint Petersburg police have reportedly detained a 31-year-old woman who posted racy images online, showing her exposed rear opposite one of Europe’s most iconic cathedrals, St. Isaac’s. The photos were taken during the summer.

Investigators believe that Irina Volkova, who operates a private commercial Telegram account where subscribers can pay to access intimate snaps and videos, may have broken Russian laws against insulting the feelings of religious believers.

A similar stunt, carried out in Moscow, landed a Tajik blogger and his Russian girlfriend in jail this week. Ruslan Bobiev (whose real name is Ruslani Murojonzod) and Asya Akimova (Anastasia Chistova) caused widespread outrage after an image circulated showing Akimova on her knees, simulating oral sex while wearing a police jacket.

The pair, who used the backdrop of the iconic and world-renowned St. Basil’s Cathedral, were handed ten-month sentences.

In the Saint Petersburg incident, police said, on Saturday, they detained Volkova, who they did not identify by name, as part of the investigation, but have not yet indicated whether she will face charges. It’s not clear if anyone filed a formal complaint over the content.

Predominantly used now as a museum, St. Isaac’s also regularly hosts religious services, and Volkova’s critics say people could be offended by the racy images. Intentionally insulting people’s religious sentiments in a public space is punishable by up to a year in prison in Russia.

The detention of the mother of one seems to be part of wider hunt for online personalities who use churches as props for publicity stunts, triggered by the trial of Bobiev and Akimova.


Hunt them down.

Cleanse the Xenos.

This bitch is a Ryder so Ruff she’d make DMX blush.

Don’t let the above images deceive you – this bitch looks like she’s 48 years old.

I would say “or on meth,” but credit where due, her body is too good to be that of a serious drug user.

It’s not great if she’s under 30, but it is great if she’s actually as old as her face looks.

I’ve been trying not to trigger people who are quitting porn with too much suggestive imagery, so this is the least pornographic full body image I could find:

Frankly, if that arouses you, you’re sick.

Gotta love the old “oh whoops lol I screwed up my arm tattoos, guess I’ll just fill the whole thing in black lol haha.”

I’m not sure why she takes photos like this:

I’ve never seen a woman do that – “lemme go ahead and figure out a pose that makes me look fatter than I actually am, highlighting the soft skin of my stomach stretched by pregnancy.” She has several recent pics at that angle. It’s the reverse of the Urban American Bison Sow’s “looking up at the camera to hide the fat on my neck.”

We should also note that this Russian skank is a Trve Aryan shield maiden, as evidenced by her nifty hand signals.

Seriously – she’s the female version of Varg Vikernes.

Doing porn in front of a church is the female version of a church burning.

Hunting these skanks down is really awesome, and it is very strange to see something so great in contrast with the staggeringly negative phenomenon of Vladimir Putin calling for more vaccines.

Appendix A: These Particular Types of Skanks

YES, YES, YES – I KNOW… Nordic runes are not necessarily “neo-Nazi symbols” and this claim is an Anti-Defamation League anti-white trope, which borders on a canard.

However, let’s be real – pretty much, when it’s in the form of a tattoo, especially outside of Scandinavia, we all understand what it means. That bitch obviously has a neo-Nazi boyfriend, like so many tattooed single mothers in Russia and potentially elsewhere.

Remember that chick from the UK who had a titty swastika tattoo…

…alongside a straight-up cholo face tattoo?

“Ey cabron, Heil Hitler, eh ese?”

Women do not ever stop. It’s always some kind of thing.

In the UK, it’s possibly a slight bit different, because you don’t have dozens of these women in every shithole bar in a Moscow suburb. So, the Brit chick gets a lot of attention just for having the tattoos – they run an article about her in Metro every three months, just to be like – LOOK AT THIS BITCH, WHOA.

In Russia, no one gives a shit if you’ve got a bunch of neo-Nazi tattoos, so you have to do porn at a church to get your news articles.

You cannot grasp the extent to which a woman’s entire existence is based around wanting people to pay attention to her. You men all know the feeling you get when you see some beautiful woman. Or, at least you can sort of remember what it was like, when you were younger and not so jaded to the point where your hate for women overpowers biological natural sexual urges. There’s a rush somewhere in your lizard brain of just wanting to commit an animal act. It can be an overwhelming feeling, especially when you’re in your teenage years.

Well, women have that same kind of base animal drive for attention. Except it’s much worse:

  • For one, they do not have the logic to override their base urges, and simply believe that they deserve everything they want (especially when they do not have strong religion pushed on them at a young age), and
  • For two, they literally have no other interests.

Seriously, have you ever met a millennial (or younger) woman with any kind of interests in anything at all, that didn’t somehow revolve around her own self and living out her role as the princess at the center of the universe?

You, dear reader, obviously like politics and factual information about social and spiritual issues. You also probably like going to the gym, playing video games, reading novels and historical accounts, watching films, riding motorcycles, fixing things up around the house, mowing the lawn, cooking, going to museums, messing around building computers, studying wildlife, going on hikes, scuba diving, rock climbing, and the various other things you like to do.

What do women do with their free time?

Mostly, they click around on their phones. Do you know what they’re doing? They’re getting messages from men, and checking how many men liked their photos. They’re also checking other women, and comparing the amount of attention they are getting with themselves. They then try to figure out schemes to bring more attention on themselves.

Appendix B: The Total Skank Reality

The only novels and TV/movies they’re interested in are ones where they can self-insert as a woman that’s getting a bunch of attention from desirable men.

Do you notice that every single film, including seemingly masculine films, virtually always have to have some romantic element, with the hero attached to some bitch? Well, that is because if a woman watches a film without that element, she becomes bored and agitated. This has all been focus-group tested by the Jews. Going all the way back to the early talkies of the 1930s, they realized that a pure man film cut out over half of the audience.

As much as I hate superhero films (mostly), they do actually focus on a male audience in that most of them do not have any romantic story.

Look here:

(Please frankly note: The reason they started making these films for men specifically is not because they were trying to increase masculinity, but because there was a market of adult men without women in their lives who would go to see movies alone or with friends. This was not really a thing before. Most films were couples films, or family films. As a teenager, I very rarely went to the movies with male friends, because it seemed weird. Older millennials and up will relate. I remember one time there was a guy I ended up seeing some film with after a couple of skanks ditched us and we decided to go ahead and see the movie, and he waited for me to sit down and then sat with an empty seat between us. I laughed and said “you’re not gonna sit next to me so we can talk?” and he was like “that’s fucking gay, bro! All dark and shit sitting all close” and I was like “yeah, it kinda is, isn’t it?” I started to try to imagine my dad going to the movies with a male friend in the 1970s or whatever, and I couldn’t imagine it*. Going to a film alone also felt kinda gay. So after those norms were obsolete, it was simply a financial decision to start making films where 60+% of the audience was male.)

*Editor’s Note: I don’t actually think there is intrinsically anything gay about two men going to the movies together. There’s nothing gay about two men sitting at home watching TV together, and there’s nothing gay about men going out to watch a sports event together. We hear the term “social construct” misused so much that we risk forgetting that there is such a thing as a legitimate social construct, and that is what was happening here: going to the movies, in America, was traditionally a thing that couples did together, so two men going together felt wrong.

It is absolutely not a coincidence that my favorite film of the last decade, Dredd, is the one with the lowest number of sluts. It had no romance story. It was purely hardcore. Man of Steel, on the other hand, had that whole gay Lois Lane and Clark Kent fag shit. Ghost Rider also had no romance at all (and was neo-classic Nick Cage camp at its worst).

The side effect of putting all these romantic storylines in films, frankly, is that men begin to think that it is somehow not gay to go around thinking about women all the time. And before you make a judgement about the previous sentence, let me just tell you: this situation is a bit like how fat that you eat is the same word as “being fat,” which caused a bunch of retards to think that eating fat makes you fat. You get that? Think about it for a second.

Obviously, we all understand the concept of heterosexuality in its basest form as “a man who is sexually attracted to women.” However, this does not convert to “a man who obsesses over women and ‘falls in love’ and makes the whole mission of his life about pleasing women.” At that point, you are becoming both gay and a faggot, because you are becoming like a woman. These characters in these movies who go on these love quests are female fantasies, where the woman is the total center of the man’s attention (but the man is also powerful, handsome, and socially important). If you become a man who “falls in love” with a woman in real life, and behave like these men in these films, no woman is going to have any respect for you. (Unless you actually look like Leonardo DiCaprio, in which case it really doesn’t matter what you do. Extraordinarily handsome or otherwise extraordinarily socially desirable men are simply given a pass outright by women, and their behavior is irrelevant.)

It’s sort of the same way that men might watch pornography, but if they actually end up in bed with a woman who acted like women act in pornography, with the “oh yeah, baby, I love your cock, harder, baby, oh yeah, put it in my ass, oh yeah, baby, put it in my ass and then let me suck it, baby, let me taste my ass on your hard cock, baby, yeah,” the man is going to be like “what is this, get out of my house you gross bitch, you’re making me sick.”

We must realize this fact: the empowerment of women has totally reshaped society in ways that virtually zero men understand, and which were not even all deliberate.

To rehash in bullet form:

  • Women will only watch films with some romantic story where they can self-insert as the hero’s obsession
  • Film studios made films that women would agree to watch on couples’ nights (which is what most films were, before the invention of the comic book film)
  • Men watched these films and started thinking that this was the way men were supposed to act – getting all romantic and emotionally flustered about women
  • Men became feminized and deranged with all of this romance nonsense
  • Men acting like that was actually a turn-off to women

I don’t think that whole process was planned, it just ended up like that. The Jewish obsession with profit maximization leads to negative social outcomes on its own.

Appendix C: The Final Appendix

This is another one of those wacky “Sunday Funday*” articles. Sort of went in some different directions. There is just so much to say on the topic of these skanks and their horrible agenda.

*TM Mister Metokur, 2018

The ultimate point is that a society that is centered on women, and pleasing women, is always going to result in a complete meltdown and disaster. They are incapable of comprehending a moral order that exists outside of their own heads, given that they believe the entire world revolves around them.

Taking nude photos, or Islamic blowjob photos, in front of churches is just the logical outcome of women unchained, as they compete for attention.

All of these ideas need to be organized. I actually compiled a book about this, maybe in 2015, and I can’t find the .pdf. But like, the “evolutionary biology” aspect of it needs to be explained for it to make sense, right?

Because women are physically weak, stupid, vapid, selfish, amoral, and so on and so forth, their primary biological survival mechanism is the ability to manipulate men. They are a kind of parasite in their behavior patterns, but of course not actually, because they produce children.

Of primary relevance to all that shit I wrote up there: the reason a woman wants to be the center of attention all the time, according to nature, is that women typically choose their mates. They have a complicated way of doing that, to make it look like they’re not doing that, that involves giving signals to the man they want that he is mostly going to register subconsciously, and believe that it was his idea. In the old times, when these sorts of things were arranged, teen girls would also make signals to their fathers about which men they wanted.

So what the woman wanted, naturally, was to have the widest possible range of men to choose from. This obsession with being the center of attention comes from this instinct to attract as many men as possible in order to widen their selection options. Of course, society understood this.

Society also understood the man’s desire for novel sex partners. The biological root of that is that it costs a man nothing to drop a load in some skank. Women are much more choosey, because they get pregnant for 9 months, then have to feed an infant with their udders for two years, then really can’t put the child out on its own to do something useful like pick fruit or carry water jugs until it’s six. They are virtually incapacitated through this years-long period. So it is logical they would want to have options and choose the best option available, and the way they get the options is by being the center of male attention.

It didn’t take long to realize that you couldn’t run a functional society if women’s desire for attention and men’s desire for unlimited sex partners were allowed to go unrestricted. Hence, everywhere on earth other than Africa and probably the other negroidesque races (Papuans, Abos) developed the concept of marriage.

(I’ve written extensively about how marriage was also a system to prevent all of the women from having sex with the same most attractive man, which women will do if given the chance. Here’s an example: Victoria’s Secret Embraces Ugliness, Signaling That the Porno Age is Already Totally Over.)

So, in conclusion: a society without marriage and families is not actually viable. What the destruction of marriage has done is driven us down below the level of African primitives thousands of years ago. We have reached the point where we cannot even defend our sacred symbols and sites from being degraded with the most base animal behaviors. Even thousands of years ago in Africa, if some bitch would have started shaking her naked ass in front of the sacred tree or the holy rock or whatever kind of juju fetishes they had, she would have been killed for being a witch.

When the Catholic Church was deciding whether or not Africans were humans with souls or simply beasts, the fact that they were able to recognize the concept of sacredness was the deal-sealer for team souls…. Team Dark Souls, if you will.

The pornographic violation of churches by women is a true sign of the utter rot. It is very meaningful that Russia is pushing back.

Women unleashed are an unstoppable force, and they will not stop until everything is destroyed.

Everything that we’re seeing in terms of the endgame of the elite is simply the endgame of the destruction of the family. It is total regression, total dehumanization, total alienation, to the point where they literally want to turn us into tagged and traced cattle.