Russia is Going to Have Better Internet Than You

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2019

There are a lot of different things turning the US into a third world country. One of the biggest is the fact that we’ve now replaced about half of our population with third world people.

A drastically collapsing ability to be technologically innovative is also driving this trend.

Now, we’re going to deprive people of fast internet because we want to hurt China.


Embattled Chinese tech company Huawei has struck a deal to build Russia’s first 5G wireless network.

The agreement with Russia’s largest carrier, MTS, was signed on the sidelines of talks in Moscow between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It comes at a critical time for the Shenzhen-based company, which is now on the frontline in an escalating trade war between America and China. The United States is waging a campaign against Huawei, banning it from its own 5G networks and cutting it off from American software and components that it needs for its smartphones and network equipment business.

Washington has also been urging allies to restrict or ban the use of Huawei equipment in their 5G networks, warning that Beijing could use the sensitive data infrastructure for spying. Huawei has repeatedly denied that any of its products pose a national security risk.

Huawei is the world’s biggest telecom equipment supplier and the No. 2 smartphone brand behind Samsung. But the US restrictions pose a huge threat to its business and could delay the global rollout of 5G. The next generation of ultra fast networks will power everything from self-driving cars to networked robots.

The security risk bit is not only a hoax, but it is also completely insane.

We have Google and Facebook in this country. They are able to operate completely unregulated, and literally just do whatever the hell they want. They have not ever even had a pretense of caring about security. And these government shills want to talk about “security risks”?

If they don’t want to give the money to China for installing a 5G network – that only they are currently capable of installing – then they should just say that, instead of coming up with a hoax.

Furthermore, I think this internet conspiracy theory that 5G is somehow going to control people’s brains is also being spread by fed shills as an attack on the Chinese.

In actual reality, doing a 5G deal with China could help with trade negotiations.

The US could also tell China to go ahead and integrate Taiwan.

And then we could get normal trade, and everything would be fine.

Instead, the Trump administration is turning this into a war for no clear reason other than that China isn’t controlled by Jews.

And China isn’t just going to roll over.

Instead, this is only going to make them stronger.

But I support that.