Russia: Idiot Jew Hippie Sentenced to 7 Years for Carrying Weed on a Plane

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2019

You see the headline and you’re like “lol yeah that does seem a little extreme.”

But then you read the story…

Jerusalem Post:

An Israeli-American woman, 25-year-old Naama Issachar, was sentenced in Russia on Friday to seven-in-a-half years of jail time after nine grams of pot were found in her checked luggage last April, during a stop in the Moscow airport on her way from India back to Israel, the Israeli media reported on Friday.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said it took a very negative view of the verdict. “This is a disproportionately heavy punishment to be handed out to an Israeli young woman with no criminal record who was on a transfer flight at the Moscow airport on her way to Israel,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Unfortunately Russia had not listened to “Israel’s pleadings” when it comes to taking these circumstances into account, the ministry added.

Who flies with weed?

Especially in current year, where you can just buy it everywhere, legally or semi-legally?

All airport dogs are trained to smell it.

Plus, Israelis face extra scrutiny at the airport because so many of them are involved in international crime.

Furthermore, every crime is escalated in severity when it happens at an airport.

Furthermore, the bitch is lucky she didn’t get caught in security leaving India, because they would have given her more than 7 years in a much, much worse prison.

FURTHERMORE, she could easily have had a medical marijuana prescription, which presumably would have made it legal to have it at an airport, even in a strict country like Russia.

FURTHER-FURTHERMORE, nine grams is like the stupidest possible amount you could ever be carrying, as it is enough to be considered “more than a little,” but not enough that you could expect to be like, making money off of it.

Jews can cry anti-Semitism all they like, but this woman deserved what she got.

And I’m glad to see Russia not breaking to pressure from their enemy Israel.