Russia Gives Google Another Tiny, Worthless Fine

I hate giving the Jewropean Union as an example, but this is how you should fine companies like Google

Russia just simply does not seem to grasp the threat that allowing their country’s entire information apparatus to be controlled by their enemies poses to the country.

At this point, I do not believe that the people running the West are geniuses. However, it is clear that the people running Russia aren’t either.

The internet right has overestimated competence, all around.

Sputnik News:

Moscow’s Tagansky district court on Thursday fined Google another 4 million rubles ($53,960) for not deleting banned content, adding up to a total of 32.5 million rubles, court spokeswoman Zulfiya Gurinchuk said on Thursday.

“Google LLC was found guilty … under Section 2 of Article 13.41 of the Russian Code on Administrative Offenses. The company was sentenced to an administrative fine of 4 million rubles,” Gurinchuk said.

Fines were issued for violating regulations on Russians’ data localization, as well as failure to remove prohibited content, including calls for extremism.

The US tech giant was fined in the past for similar violations.

But why are the Russians even letting them subvert their country in the first place?

What do they gain from this?