Russia: First Official Royal Wedding in Over a Century Takes Place in Saint Petersburg

I have always pushed back against the notion among American right-wingers that Russia is some kind of right-wing white nationalist paradise. In fact, the country has a whole lot of problems, particularly regarding sluts, and just a general incapacity to push back against the Western globo-homo agenda.

In particular, I think it is ridiculous that right-wingers try to argue that Russia is proof that “good white women exist out there somewhere,” as it is actually proof of the opposite – it is proof that even in a more stable culture, sluts will always run buckwild.

Russian sluts literally go to Dubai to get shit on by sheiks for money. Like, lots of them do it. They also star in much porno, and have a high divorce rate.

Stop saying that Russian women are traditional and proof that it is possible for white women to be traditional without being forced to be traditional.

However, what I do want to say about Russia is: at least they are trying to go in the right direction. They are trying to fix problems. People who try to fix problems are not banned from everything. Though the government hasn’t banned Twitter and Facebook yet, they have at least said aloud that these companies come to their country to silence speech and manipulate society.

President Putin has said that no one can be compelled to take a vaccine, because the people have freedom. It’s hard to even imagine the degree of contrast between that and Biden saying “you don’t have any freedoms – you do what we say for your own good!”

They are also trying to deport these Moslems that rushed white areas during the USSR empire collapse period.

Here’s a symbol of things going the right way.


A descendant of Russia’s former imperial family married his Italian bride on Friday in the first royal wedding to take place on Russian soil since tsarist times more than a century ago.

Grand Duke George Mikhailovich Romanov tied the knot with Victoria Romanovna Bettarini, an Italian, at St. Isaac’s Cathedral in Russia’s former imperial capital St Petersburg.

Russian Orthodox clergy conducted the elaborate ceremony, watched by hundreds of guests who included the groom’s mother, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia – the self-proclaimed heir to Russia’s imperial throne – and more than a dozen minor European royals.

George Mikhailovich’s great-grandfather, Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich, fled Russia during the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, escaping first to Finland and later relocating with his family to Western Europe.

Russia’s last tsar, Nicholas II, his wife and five children were murdered by a revolutionary firing squad in July, 1918, in the cellar of a merchant’s house in Yekaterinburg, a city 1,450 km (900 miles) east of Moscow.

George Mikhailovich, 40, was born in Madrid and has lived most of his life in Spain and France.

Bettarini, 39, who converted to the Russian Orthodox faith last year and took the name Victoria Romanovna, was led to the altar by her father, Roberto Bettarini, who has served in the Italian diplomatic service.

This marriage is a really good symbolic thing showing that things are at least going in the right direction, and many good Russian people are trying their best to make things better.

In the West, literally everyone – including the “churches” – are actively and aggressively trying to make everything much worse than it already is. You thought that was impossible, but they are insistent on figuring out ways to just keep on making everything worse and worse and worse.

More slutting, more gay anal, more pedo tranny promotion, more drug addiction, less freedom.

Russia reestablishing the monarchy in an official way would really put a fine point on the direction that Russia is going in versus the direction America is going in.

St. Isaac’s is one of the single most beautiful cathedrals on earth.