Russia Fires Hypersonic Missile from Submarine in Successful First Test

Russia seems to be ready for a war with America.

Is America ready for a war with Russia?


The Russian Armed Forces have successfully conducted the first test launch of its state-of-the-art Zircon hypersonic missile from a nuclear-powered submarine, firing it at a target in the Barents Sea, in Russia’s Arctic north.

The Ministry of Defense published a video showing the successful test.

The Zircon, first produced in 2016, is an anti-ship missile capable of accelerating up to Mach 9. It has been designed to hit enemy surface ships, such as frigates and aircraft carriers, as well as ground targets located within the range of the missile.

Zircon’s speed (9,800-11,025 km/h) makes it difficult for it to be stopped by any anti-aircraft systems.

While this latest launch is the first time the missile has been fired from a nuclear submarine, it has already undergone testing from surface carriers.

Basically, the longer it takes for the US/ZOG to start their war with Russia/China, the lower the chances of the US winning.

I’m really not even sure they could win if they started it tomorrow.

Obviously, the US is counting 100% on technology bringing them victory, as they’ve purposefully destroyed their own population.

At this point, the people running America seem so befuddled, they might not even get around to starting the wars they’ve got on their list. They keep issuing all of these threats. But it kinda feels like nothing is really happening. They’re just circling China and Russia with warplanes and warships, trying to act hard, while every day the US seems less and less like a country that could win a war.

The basic understanding is that the people who run America truly are just evil morons. So they might start the war, or they might get caught up doing sadism on their own population and forget to start the war.

Either way: in ten years’ time, this is all going to be worked out – one way or the other.